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Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana At Lollapalooza Last Month

Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana At Lollapalooza Last Month


Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana At Lollapalooza Last Month

Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana

Long Story Short

A video surfaced today that allegedly shows Malia Obama smoking marijuana while dancing and partying at a concert at Lollapalooza last month. Since it’s such a new video it hasn’t been fully confirmed whether or not it really is Malia or if she really is puffing on some sticky icky. But there have been a bunch of sources confirm that the President’s daughter skipped out on the DNC to hit up the Chicago concert festival.

Malia Obama Having A Good Time

The footage was shot by another festival goer who can be seen dancing and sticking her tongue out. As she moves the camera around, you can see a person that looks just like Malia Obama behind her. She’s puffing on what looks like a joint.

The whole video’s only nine seconds long. And nobody’s been able to fully confirm that the girl in the background really is Malia Obama smoking a joint.

But there were apparently eyewitnesses who said it was indeed President Obama’s daughter. Those eyewitnesses also said that she was most definitely smoking cannabis.

A Controversial Summer

The online world has been giving Malia a hard time this summer. Her trip to Lollapalooza has generated all sorts of controversy for the 18-year-old.

Right off the bat, she got some flak for skipping out on Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC to attend the music festival instead. Then, online sources started leaking images of her dancing and twerking at a concert. Those images put her back in the spotlight.

The Final Hit: Why All The Hate?

But does Malia really deserve all the controversy and negative attention? You decide. But before you do, here’s a little context to help you make up your mind.

The girl in the video was smoking in Chicago. And just this week Illinois became the 21st state to decriminalize cannabis. That change reflects a growing acceptance of cannabis. A new survey this week found that one in eight adults in the U.S. regularly smokes cannabis.

And public support for cannabis is also higher than its ever been. Fifty four percent of all Americans support legalizing recreational cannabis. And a whopping 89% of Americans said they support legalizing medical cannabis.

When it comes to Malia’s age group, the NIDA says that cannabis is the most widely used drug among both teens and adults.

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