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How Much Weed Will $20 Get You?

How Much Weed Will $20 Get You?


How Much Weed Will $20 Get You?

Let us be honest, if you only have $20 to spend on weed, you do not have your priorities straight! But maybe your wallet just got jacked, and all you have is the crinkled twenty-spot in your pocket. And obviously you are pissed, so it is time to chill with some dro.

Or maybe shit has been dry for a while–we have all been there at least once–and you randomly cross paths with a source with only twenty cash on you. (Kind of a) lucky day. Depending on where you are at, $20 can solve your immediate dryness problem, or it could take care of you for the rest of the night or longer.

How Much Weed Will Twenty Bucks Get You In…

If you wanted to find out, you could go to Price of Weed: A Global Price Index for Marijuana and spend your time clicking through the directory.

But you are a reader of Green Rush Daily, you don’t f*cking have to. Roll it up, light it up, and see how good you got it — or how wrong — by checking out the info below.

The Worst of the Worst: You’ll Need More Than $20 To Enjoy Yourself in This Forsaken Highland

Forbes Magazine reports that an ounce of marijuana in North Dakota, where prices are the highest in the country, comes in at $387 an ounce. Of course, the math to account for how much weed twenty bucks will get you is not as simple as dividing.

As quantities go down, dealers raise the prices: they are trying to move their shit, and you are taking up their time with your pathetic $20. So let’s say by the time we get down to that level, the cost to you has about doubled.

That means you would walk away with about .72 grams (or a fifth of an eighth ounce!) for your money… Shit-tay.

Couple that with the fact that lists the Dakotas as two of the ten worst states to get busted with grass, no matter how much weed you have, and you wouldn’t be crazy to say it’s hardly worth the trouble.

Probably better to put that $20 toward a bus ticket to a more enlightened and tolerant part of the country.

The Best of the Best: How Much Weed Can You Get in Portland, OR?

A f*cking ton. Cheap. Combine that with the horticultural artistry of Oregon grow ops and a pot culture so accepting that even the deer approve, and you’re in the place that gives you the most green for your green. If you know what I mean.

Common sense might tell you that the Pacific Northwest, primarily a temperate rain forest in the most paradisal part of the nation, would grow the most magical strains.

But it has to do with legality, too. Forbes reports, “legalize it and the price of weed falls.” A simple formula for how much weed you can get in various places around the nation.

In places where marijuana is legal or available medicinally, it is easy to get a lot for a little.  Like in Sacramento, where you can score more than an eighth of medicinal from a dispensary.


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