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Pizza Delivery Man Busted After Offering 14 Year Old Girl Bong Rips

Pizza Delivery Man Busted After Offering 14 Year Old Girl Bong Rips
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Pizza Delivery Man Busted After Offering 14 Year Old Girl Bong Rips

Gabriel Kohler, who worked for Domino’s, has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver is out of work and facing criminal charges today after being arrested for offering a 14-year-old girl a bong and a lighter before asking how much weed she wanted with her pizza. The diver, Gabriel Kohler, allegedly proffered the paraphernalia to the young teen on New Year’s Eve.

Pizza Guy Offers to Smoke Up a 14-Year-Old Girl

Details of the New Year’s Eve incident on Pawley’s Island in South Carolina are scant. What we do know is that Gabriel Kohler was working for Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver. It’s unclear whether or not the teen or anyone else in the house ordered a pizza from Domino’s or not. But considering the girl’s parents called Domino’s to complain even before calling the police, chances are they were both hungry and pissed.

According to the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office report, Kohler delivered a pizza to a home in Pawleys Island. When the 14-year-old girl answered the door, the report says Kohler handed her a bong with a lighter. The girl also reported that Kohler asked her how much weed she wanted with her order.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the teen refused the pizza guy’s offering and ran back into the house. That’s when the girl’s parent’s rang up Domino’s to make a complaint. In fact, the teen’s parents didn’t even call the police. The Domino’s manager on duty called the Sheriff’s Office to file the report. The store manager subsequently fired Kohler. And on New Year’s Day, police arrested and charged him with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

New Year’s Hijinks Or Drug Deal Gone Bad?

It will probably come as no surprise that pizza delivery people occasionally get busted for trying to sell weed on their delivery routes.  Some have probably had very successful operations and happy returning customers. Who wouldn’t enjoy a little extra “oregano” on their pie?

Could that have been what happened on New Year’s Eve in Pawleys Island, South Carolina? All of it is speculation at this point. But it seems odd that a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver would so brazenly offer bong rips to a minor, unless he thought he was in a cannabis-friendly environment.

Were the teen’s parents actually hoping for a special side order with their pizza? Did the deal just go awry when their daughter answered the door? Was Kohler expecting someone else to answer the door, ready to do what any decent weed dealer does and offer to smoke out a customer? Or is Gabriel Kohler just an idiot?

On the report, the girl says she did not accept any cannabis from the pizza guy. But it’s at least a little suspicious that the teen’s parents didn’t call the police about the incident. Were they more upset about the botched delivery—pizza and no weed is better than no weed or pizza—than Kohler’s inappropriate generosity?

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