10 Reasons To Smoke Weed With Your Grandparents

We can think of, like, a hundred reasons to smoke weed with your grandparents. Here are the top ten reasons.

There are so many reasons to smoke weed with your grandparents. In addition to the myriad health benefits of cannabis, especially for seniors, it’s a great way to ease the way for open and honest communication with your oldest family members. Your grandparents can teach you a lot. And in turn, you can teach them all about cannabis if smoking is new to them. So now, rather than hiding your weed use, invite Grandma and Grandpa to join in!

1. Health

Cannabis can seriously help your grandparents’ health. If either or both of them suffer from arthritis, chronic pain, or even high blood pressure, consuming weed could offer some relief. Better still, cannabis isn’t addictive like other pain management medications, so your grandparents won’t have to worry about becoming dependent.


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