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Which State Consumes The Most Pot

Which State Consumes The Most Pot


Which State Consumes The Most Pot

The State That Consumes the Most Pot

According to the most recent state-by-state breakdown of marijuana use, here are the states that consume the most pot.

Despite being illegal in most places, marijuana is everywhere. Literally. According to the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 27 million Americans use illicit drugs. Of those 27 million, 22.2 million of them reported using marijuana in the past month.

The next closest illicit drug was illegally used painkillers. There were 4.3 million people who said they were in this category. In addition to being so widely used, public support of cannabis has been steadily on the rise—even among those who don’t consume pot.

In the most recent round of surveys, 58% of Americans said they support legalizing marijuana. That number climbs clear up to 84% when we’re talking about the percentage of Americans who think doctors should be allowed to prescribe cannabis to patients. So like we said earlier, marijuana is everywhere.

But where specifically are people consuming the most pot? Which states use the most cannabis, and which ones use the least? You might be surprised by some of the answers.

1. Vermont

Vermont’s nickname—”The Green Mountain State”—is the perfect fit. That’s because 67% of Vermonters between the ages of 18 and 60 say they’ve smoked marijuana.

Lawmakers in Vermont are currently working on a bill that would legalize marijuana in the state. They could reach a decision as early as this month.

2. New Hampshire

Vermont’s next door neighbor comes in at second place. In New Hampshire, just over 66% of adults aged 18-60 have used cannabis.

3. Alaska

In Alaska, 64.2% of adults say they’ve used marijuana. Alaska has already legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, and may be opening its first legal cannabis cafes shortly.

4. Oregon

Oregon, another state that’s legalized medical and recreational pot, comes in at number four. A little more than 63% of adults in this northwest state say they’ve consumed marijuana.

5. Maine

Maine is close on Oregon’s heels with an even 63% of adults having used cannabis.

You might be surprised to see Colorado, Washington, and California missing from this list of top 5 states that consume the most marijuana.

In Colorado 61.5% of adults use marijuana, in Washington, it’s 60.2%, and in California the number is as low as 49%.

The States That Consume the Least Pot

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, there are only four states where less than 45% of adults report having used marijuana.

Those states are:

  • Texas: 44.5% of adults in The Lone Star state say they consume pot.
  • Alabama Comes in at an even tie with Texas.
  • Mississippi: With 42.6% of adults saying they’ve used marijuana, Mississippi has slightly fewer than Texas or Alabama.
  • Utah: The Beehive State comes in at the very bottom of the list. Here, only 38% of adults say they’ve used cannabis. This stat doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon, as recent efforts to legalize medical marijuana have once again been thwarted.

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