Work On Weed: How To Be Productive While High

Smoking weed at work can not only increase creativity and relax the workplace, but it can often help with focus.

Smoking weed as a professional is not always easy. The stereotypes surrounding cannabis say that productivity suffers and laziness prevails. If you smoke weed regularly, you know how false that stereotype can be. Smoking weed at work can not only increase creativity and relax the workplace, but it can often help with focus. Cannabis can also help if your job is particularly anxiety-inducing.

There are ways to assure you won’t lack productivity even when you toke. With the right tool and proper strains, you’ll be climbing that corporate ladder. Just don’t fall off because ya know, you’re high.

Pick Your Strain Wisely

Don’t roll up to work off an indica and think you’re going to get a pay raise. If you really want to be productive at work, toke with a sativa. This will ensure you have the proper high to bring home the bacon. If it’ll be a particularly hard day and you need something to help you relax, try a hybrid. That will bring a mixture of productivity and relaxation.

Be Well Rested Before Work

Smoking weed can be draining so getting plenty of rest can help counteract this. Sleep up and drink plenty of water and your high will be more productive and your skin will look better. Win/win.

Be Prepared

Setting up everything you need before you smoke can reduce anxiety about being at work while high. Make sure you have a clean and clear workstation and reduce clutter to clear your mind and space. Smoking a sativa strain won’t increase your appetite as much as an indica will but grab a snack. There is nothing more distracting than a rumbling stomach and dry mouth.

Make The Most of It

Allow your mind to run away with the creativity. Doodle when you get fidgety or go for a walk. Allow yourself to think outside the box and let the weed do its job.

Smoking weed before working can be a great addition to your morning routine. Increase your creativity, relaxation and better your work environment and you would be surprised by how easy and useful working high can be.

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