What Is Live Resin And Why Should You Try It?

What is live resin? Live resin is a relatively new form of cannabis concentrate gaining a lot of love in the dab community. It is made using butane as a solvent, which makes it a specific type of Butane Hash Oil (BHO).

However, live resin has some critical differences from standard BHO. The primary one is that live resin is made using different material than regular BHO. As a result, the end product is far more enjoyable, especially when it comes to the concentrate’s scent and flavor profiles.

When the cannabis scene discovered hash oil, we figured it couldn’t get much better. But live resin shattered our expectations, creating a demand for more flavorful concentrates.

Live Resin: The Origin Story

The main innovation that led to the creation of live resin came sometime between 2011 and 2013. That’s when extractors came up with the idea of using buds that were harvested from live plants and then flash frozen.

This helped preserve the flower’s full aromas and flavors before going through the extraction process. To be a bit more precise, flash freezing fresh buds from live cannabis plants preserved the bud’s terpenes.

Typically, extractors use dried flowers to make concentrates. But the process of drying and curing leads to the loss and deterioration of some of the plant’s original terpenes.

By keeping buds fresh, however, it suddenly became possible to derive extracts that had a more complete and rich combination of terpenes.

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a class of chemicals that give certain plants their unique smells and tastes. It wasn’t until recently that researchers discovered the importance of terpenes in cannabis plants.

In fact, researchers at the University of British Columbia have used genome mapping to pinpoint the specific genes that produce certain flavors and smells. This could help breeders and growers produce the purest, best-tasting weed ever.

Simply put, terpenes have become an essential part of how we talk about cannabis. Today, words like “terps” or “terpy” are becoming popular ways to describe the prominent flavor of a cannabis strain.

In fact, the citrus, pine, cheese, and citrus scents commonly found in popular marijuana strains come from different terpenes. There are thousands of terpenes in nature and well over 100 identified in cannabis plants.

Drying Buds Could Harm Terpenes

There is scientific evidence explaining why dried buds aren’t as aromatic as the live plant. One study found that drying weed decreases the number of terpenes in the oil.

This is why live plants have a more pungent smell. It also means that for ideal terpene preservation, the buds should be frozen as soon as they’re harvested. And this is exactly what live resin does.

When making it, extractors start with bud that’s been flash frozen instead of dried. This keeps the buds as fresh as possible.

The frozen flower is then soaked in butane. Before the bud thaws, the butane is purged. The final product is then stored in a fridge to maintain freshness and potency.

Since live resin doesn’t come from dried flower, it preserves the original plant’s unique combination of terpenes. As a result, it is the most flavorful concentrate ever created.

Live Resin Vs. Other Concentrates

Live resin is the fastest-trending cannabis concentrate on the market today. In particular, it caters to cannabis concentrate connoisseurs.

Since it has significantly higher levels of terpenes, it has a much stronger smell and flavor profile than any other form of concentrate.

Unfortunately, since it’s still a relatively new product, it can be harder to find than your standard dabs. But you should still be able to find it at a good dispensary.

If you have the chance to get your hands on live resin, we say go for it. Compared to other concentrates it shines like gold and smells the dankest.

In general, it tends to be sappier than other forms of BHO. And as any experienced concentrate user knows, thicker extracts tend to have stronger smells and tastes. This is certainly true for live resin.

One final thing that makes live resin distinct from other concentrates is the fact that it can cure in the fridge to develop an even more complex profile of terpenes.

Will It Get Me Higher?

Let’s get down to what matters most. Will live resin get you higher than standard concentrates?

So far there is no evidence to prove that it will. Dabs are already known for getting you as high as you can get, and live resin keeps pace with standard concentrates.

But this also means that dishing out the extra $10 to $50 per gram for live resin probably won’t get you significantly higher.

It’s mostly about the terpenes and the flavors they produce. So if you’re not interested in tasting your strains, you’re better off saving your money.

Concentrate users that just want to get high can save big bucks by purchasing cheaper trim run extracts. These will get you just as high for way less money.

In the end, live resin is a niche product. But for concentrate users who care about the smell and taste of their BHO, it’s is a dream come true.

The Final Hit

The popularity of live resin is skyrocketing. In fact, between 2015 and 2016, live resin was one of the fastest-growing cannabis products in the U.S.

To meet that demand, extractors are improving their techniques and cranking out more live resin than ever before.

As a result of all this, the price of live resin is beginning to drop. For example, premium prices were once well over $100 per gram. But now, those prices are dipping below the $100 mark.

Clearly, live resin is here to stay. And for good reason. It offers cannabis fans one of the tastiest ways to consume weed. If you’ve never tried it before, it will be a cannabis experience unlike anything else.

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