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Did You Know Cannabis Plants Can Dance? (Video)

Did You Know Cannabis Plants Can Dance? (Video) | Green Rush Daily


Did You Know Cannabis Plants Can Dance? (Video)

Anyone who has grown before knows these cannabis plants can dance.

But not everyone has that privilege.

This time-lapse video shows weed growing at different stages of its life.

Starting with seedlings popping out of the dirt, the video follows the plants through the vegetative state where you can see the leaves begin to pop, and finally the fruiting stage.

For those who don’t have the patience for, or are prohibited from, growing cannabis; this video offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic life cycle of the cannabis plant.

And the soundtrack is pretty sweet too.

Sit back, smoke a bowl, and relax while watching where your nugs came from.

Luke Nelson

Luke is a Green Rush Daily staff writer that graduated from the University of Oregon, he also obtained his Masters of Arts in English Literature. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon and has over a dozen years of experience cultivating cannabis. When it comes to marijuana Luke may just be your father.

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