Cards Against Humanity Just Released A Special Edition “Weed Pack”

Cards Against Humanity has come up with the perfect game for the next time you're blazed and laughing at everything. They just released a special edition "Weed Pack" that mocks—and celebrates—all things cannabis.

Cards Against Humanity is reaching new “highs” after releasing a special edition “Weed Pack.” The set of cannabis-themed cards is a shout out to weed culture and anybody who loves puffing the sticky icky.

Cards Against Humanity Celebrates Weed By Making Fun Of Weed

The popular card game Cards Against Humanity has built up something of a cult following. The game is basically a raunchy version of Apples to Apples. Players use their cards to complete each other’s sentences. But in Cards Against Humanity, the cards all say pretty horrible things. In the end, players end up creating sentences that are irreverent, disgusting, and darkly humorous.

The company is now using its success to troll all sorts of things. For example, the new Weed Pack surfaced on the company’s website this week alongside a few other special edition packs. One of the more notable releases was the Cards Against Humanity For Her pack.

This “special edition” of the game is actually the exact same set of cards as the regular version. The only difference is that it comes in a pink box—oh yeah, and it costs more. Basically, the whole thing is Cards Against Humanity’s way of trolling consumers by parodying sexist marketing techniques.

When it comes to the Weed Pack, the game company is basically doing the same thing. By creating a hilarious, stoner-inspired deck of cards, they’re mocking—and celebrating—cannabis culture. At the same time, they’re trolling anyone who still clings to outdated, Reefer Madness-style, anti-weed fears (Jeff Sessions and company, we’re looking at you).

You can get a sense for the kind of pothead-style humor they’re going for just by the way the company describes the new Weed Pack on its website. “Hey man, I know I was supposed to get you the website content for the Weed Pack, but I got really high and this is all I have so far haha,” the site says in an attempt to describe the game.

Cards Against Humanity Wants To Legalize Cannabis

The Weed Pack is a hilarious way to make fun of and celebrate weed culture. But there’s also more to it. The company is using the whole thing to help fund the legalization movement.

The pack of cards only costs $5.00, and as the website puts it, “Def mention profits go to the Marijuana Policy Project (to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol).” So far, the company has generated almost $50,000 for the cannabis advocacy group.

So if you’re looking for something hilarious to do next time you’re high and you’ve got a case of the giggles, this could be a good option. You can make fun of pretty much everything and everyone. At the same time, you’ll be pitching in a little bit to help get weed legalized.

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