Amber Rose Teams Up With KandyPens To Debut All Quartz Vape Pens

The latest high-end vape from KandyPens will help you channel your inner Amber Rose with a hint of Hollywood glam.

Amber Rose/Instagram

Stripper turned outspoken feminist entrepreneur Amber Rose is getting into the high-end vape pen game. Today, the model revealed her limited edition vaporizer collaboration with KandyPens. This pocket-sized vape pen has the latest in vaporizing technology and just enough swag to make you feel like Amber Rose.

KandyPens, The Celebrity Vape of Choice

DJ Khaled/Youtube

This isn’t the first time KandyPens has teamed up with an A-lister to create a sleek vaporizer. ASAP Rocky worked with them on the Flacko Jodye Walnut Collection. There are only 100 of these retro vapes in existence.

KandyPens is also killing it when it comes to product placement. Rose’s vape probably looks familiar because you’ve seen similar products in Gucci Mane, Halsey, Fetty Wap, Migos and DJ Khaled videos, just to name a few.

They’re currently selling 18 different vapes for flower and concentrates, which range from under $40 to $150.

Amber Rose’s KandyPens Collection

Amber Rose/Instagram

The Amber Rose’s signature vape is a champagne hue, that comes either with gold or white detailing. The vape and accompanying leather case feature a deconstructed rose graphic, as a nod to the designer. It’s designed to vape concentrates and oil.

This vaporizer comes with a quartz coil-less crystal chamber with dual quartz rods. The main advantage of a quartz vape is efficiency. Not only will Amber Rose’s vape not waste your concentrates/oil, but you’ll get a strong hit too. The vape is also non-combustible, meaning that there’s no burning involved, which is better for health.

The vape made its first appearance in a quintessentially Amber Rose video. In it, she lounges by the pool in vintage LA fashion, while drinking Coca-Cola and smoking her vape. The video conveys the sort of vaping experience Rose hopes to give her fans. “I want it to feel like a celebration when they inhale,” Rose told Complex.

She explained the motivation behind her gender-neutral design, “I shout from the rooftops that I want equality so its only right I make a unisex product. I believe we are all equal and that’s the message I want to share with the world.”

As a feminist icon and vocal anti-slut-shaming advocate, gender equality is a big part of Amber Rose’s celebrity platform and product line.

This Vape Will Sell Out Soon

Amber Rose/Instagram

Like all good things, the Amber Rose collection is limited edition. KandyPens plans on selling 100 of these $148 vapes, after the success of their ASAP line. With a massive billboard overlooking Los Angeles, Amber Rose’s 17.5 million Instagram followers, and KandyPens celebrity status, you’d better act quickly if you want one of these vapes.

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