9 Celebs Investing in the Cannabis Industry

More than a few celebrities are harvesting their influence to ride the cannabis wave.

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When a market is blossoming, and word of future growth starts to spread, it’s common for anyone with a little cash laying around to start toying with the idea of joining the game. In fact, the number of celebs investing in the cannabis industry is at an all time high.

Perhaps worried about the blasting cascade of marijuana news eclipsing their own media presence, or maybe genuinely concerned about becoming ambassadors for the many health benefits of cannabis, more than a few actors, musicians and media personalities are opening their accounts to an industry that is bound to make them even richer than they already are.

In spite of cannabis’ known historical relation with the creative industries, and the fact that its social acceptance has recently skyrocketed nationwide, it still takes courage for a public figure to openly announce their industry support. Celebrities play a key role in shaping public opinion and their actions are currently becoming crucial in attaining many of the goals the industry is still struggling to achieve.

Willie Nelson

Bob Jagendorf/ Wikimedia Commons

The country music icon is one of cannabis’ longest standing advocates. Following a different strategy compared to some of the other celebs investing in cannabis, Nelson’s approach involves using his own name and image as brand assets. Legally launched in 2015, Willie’s Reserve is a mostly Sativa strain, created to enhance creativity and allow performers to get high and still give their best show. The brand now encompasses a whole lot more than the strain itself, and includes a wide variety of products, ranging from cartridges and edibles to a new line of THC-free products called Willie’s Remedy.

Snoop Dogg

Jørund Føreland Pedersen/ Wikimedia Commons

Weed, pot, grass, Dogg. When googling synonyms for ‘weed’, the legendary rapper’s name will almost come up as another result.

Regardless of how he maintains his faculties throughout the day, the rapper’s entrepreneurship has earned him a permanent chair in the industry’s hall of fame. His venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital holds a portfolio of at least 10 successful companies, most of which are ancillary players, i.e., companies that serve the cannabis industry without touching the plant. The firm managed to raise $45M this year, in a move that became one of the largest venture capital raises in industry’s history.

Jim Belushi

James C. Svehla)/Wikimedia Commons

John Belushi’s younger brother made headlines earlier this year, as he hosted an exclusive event for cannabis investors at his $38.5M LA mansion. The actor, comedian and musician is already involved in the business and is actively trying to get others to join in. He owns a cannabis farm in Oregon, launched his Vault dispensaries and is currently working on a strain that will be named after The Blues Brothers, the famous duo founded by his late brother and Dan Aykroyd. He’s also involved in a documentary about cannabis in Oregon and views cannabis the best weapon in fighting the country’s opioid crisis.

Seth Rogen


Canadian actor and comedian has been proudly waving the flag of legalization since the start of his successful career. He’s been publicly talking about his weed smoking habits for so long now, he’s even been referred to by Conan O’Brien as “an argument in favor of smoking marijuana”. His ventures into the business include investing in Snoop Dogg’s cannabis centered media company.

Gene Simmons


Kiss’ frontman has described himself as a “perpetually sober” person, confessing that he never smoked weed in his life. However, recent scientific developments surrounding cannabis made him change his mind around the plant’s healing potential. These eye-opening events lead him to get involved with Invictus MD Strategies, a Canadian producer that also owns %50 of a cannabis research lab, agreeing to become its Chief Evangelist Officer, in exchange for $12,5M, 10 of which came in stock. His role in the company involves serving as main spokesperson and supporting public events.

Mike Tyson

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The former heavyweight champion is taking the lead in cannabis tourism, having recently purchased a 40-acre lot in the Mojave Desert, 110 miles north of LA.

The Tyson Ranch will become a ‘cannabis resort’: a marijuana-themed tourist destination, half of which will be dedicated to cultivation, with the other half serving as space for glamping (a neologism that means “camping with glamour”). The land will also hold an amphitheater, and an edible factory for visitors to tour.

Whoopi Goldberg

Daniel Langer/Wikimedia Commons

The actress, comedian, TV host and long-time cannabis advocate launched her own brand of cannabis products targeted specifically for women. Partnering with Maya Elisabeth, the brand Maya & Whoopi produces edibles, tinctures and topical rubs meant to ease the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

Cliff Robinson

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The former basketball legend has stated that marijuana helped him overcome the pain from the many injuries he suffered during his 18-season-long NBA career, as well as calming the pre-game jitters. He says marijuana contributed so much during his years in professional basketball, he decided to start his own company, named Uncle Cliffy. The company partners with an Oregon-based organic producer, to manufacture pre-rolled joints designed especially for athletes, and is particularly concerned with demystifying the allegedly unproductive relationship between weed and sports.

Melissa Etheridge


The rock singer publicly became a cannabis supporter after the plant helped her fight breast cancer during the early 2000s, stating that she believes “anybody who smokes cannabis is using it medicinally, whether they consider it so or not”. Etheridge Farms, her own brand launched in 2016 offers a wide variety of edibles, topicals, flowers, cartridges, and a recently released cannabis-infused wine tincture.

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