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Coachella For Weed: Check Out This Year’s Cannabis “Oasis”

Coachella For Weed: Check Out This Year's Cannabis "Oasis"


Coachella For Weed: Check Out This Year’s Cannabis “Oasis”

Coachella is one of the biggest summer music festivals in the world. It’s a massive weeklong party full of music, art, and all around craziness. But festivalgoers this year have something else to look forward to. A new cannabis “oasis” will be right down the road. It’ll basically be Coachella for weed. A lot of weed.

Welcome To Coachella For Weed

Coachella For Weed: Check Out This Year's Cannabis "Oasis"

Anybody who’s ever been to a music festival knows how things work. Technically speaking, drugs like weed aren’t allowed. But in reality, cannabis has always been a key feature at the heart of the festival experience.

This summer, however, it’s time for weed to move out of the dark underground and out into the bright Coachella sun.

Well, sort of.

Coachella still has “drugs” and “drug paraphernalia” on its lists of what’s not allowed into the actual festival. But things will be much more open just a few miles down the road at what event planners are calling a cannabis “oasis.”

Word is that this weed-smoking haven will be located about six miles away from the main music festival. And it’s going to be a weed smoker’s greatest dream come true.

Think about this way. Coachella is devoted to all things music. This is cannabis oasis is the Coachella for weed.

The cannabis compound will feature tons of weed companies. You can check out products and sample from tons of different strains.

There will also be two grow houses and a greenhouse for you to explore. And, of course, you can get high. Apparently, the oasis will include a series of five dope-looking geodesic domes for people to hang out and smoke in.

The entire thing is going to be 100 percent dedicated to cannabis. You can immerse yourself in the full weed experience.

Get lost wandering around an actual grow site. Take in the smells of the greenhouse. And get blazed on Cali’s best weed. Check out some classic Afghan Kush, get spaced out with a little Headband, or mix it up with Purple Urkle.

What did we tell you? This place is literally going to be the Coachella for weed.

Celebrating Weed In Cali And Beyond

Coachella For Weed: Check Out This Year's Cannabis "Oasis"

This is a fitting year for the weed oasis to show up at Coachella. There’s a lot for weed fans in California and throughout the U.S. to celebrate.

That’s because California and three other states all voted to legalize recreational weed last fall. There were also four more states that approved new medical marijuana laws.

As a result, one in five Americans will now have access to some form of legal weed.

Of course, these “high” points in the evolution of weed legalization have been somewhat dampened by Donald Trump and his Administration.

Last month, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said there could be “greater enforcement” against weed during Trump’s presidency.

Then, a couple weeks ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that cannabis is “only slightly less awful” than heroin. He added that medical marijuana “had been hyped, maybe too much.”

Despite all this, weed fans should remain optimistic. A report published recently by cannabis industry experts said that weed will continue growing, even under Trump.

That should be comforting news for anyone who loves cannabis. And this year’s cannabis oasis—the summer’s Coachella for weed—is the perfect symbol of everything the world of cannabis has to celebrate.

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