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Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?


Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

She fought a lot of demons in her life. Before losing her battle with alcohol addiction, did Amy Winehouse smoke weed?

You’re probably wondering: did Amy Winehouse smoke weed? She was an English singer and songwriter known for the way she mixed different genres and created a distinctive style of her own. Many musicians partake in the ganj. Was she one of them?

Who is Amy Winehouse?

Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

Amy Jade Winehouse was born in Chase Farm Hospital, in North London. Winehouse had a passion for music from an early age.

Her grandmother, Cynthia, was a singer that dated an English jazz saxophonist named Ronnie Scott. Her grandmother and parents influenced Amy’s interest in jazz.

As an adult, Winehouse was the first British artist to ever win five Grammys in a single year. Musically, she was innovative, mixing jazz, soul, pop, reggae, R&B and more.

Notably, she recorded songs with American rappers like Nas. In fact, hip-hop had a huge influence on her work.

Winehouse was also well-known for her sense of style. In particular, she was iconic for her beehive hairstyle, open vulnerability, fragile personality and self-destructive behavior.

She established a reputation for channeling hurt and despair into a relatable way that captivated audiences.

Sadly, Winehouse passed away at the age of 27, on July 23, 2011, in her London home.  She died of alcohol poisoning. She had been battling an alcohol addiction before her death.

Puff or Pass?

Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

Before alcohol poisoning took her, did Amy Winehouse smoke weed?

The answer is simple. Yes, she did. Amy Winehouse has never been the type to allow someone else’s opinion to stop her from doing something.

She was open about her feelings and habits, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out whether or not she puffed.

Winehouse told Reuters about her mindset going from her first album to the next. “When I did the first album, I was smoking loads of weed, and I had that whole mentality of ‘you don’t know me, I don’t need you, you don’t love me, fuck you.’”

She continued: “And when I wrote the second album, I was listening to a lot of pure ‘60s music, a lot of jukebox stuff—and I was drinking a lot, which is a lot more of a depressive substance than weed.”

In another interview, Winehouse told Rolling Stone that her “weed mentality is very hip-hop.” What she meant by that is that weed makes her defensive like “Fuck you, you don’t know me.”

On the other hand, alcohol made her feel like saying “Woe is me, oh, I love you, I’m gonna lie in the road for you, I don’t even care if you never even look my way, I’m always gonna love you.”

In 2008, mainstream media reported that Amy Winehouse could be brain-damaged from smoking weed.

A close friend claimed that she smoked hash for 36 hours straight and that caused her brain to be damaged during a “cannabis overdose.”

But we’re not buying it. If this were true, everyone that came back from a weekend at the High Times Cannabis Cup would be brain-damaged.

Final Hit: Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

Did Amy Winehouse Smoke Weed?

The short answer to the question: Did Amy Winehouse smoke weed, is yes. In fact, she admitted it in several interviews and was never shy on the subject. Amy Winehouse was one of many celebrities that smoked weed and didn’t care who knew.

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