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Does Blac Chyna Smoke Weed?

Does Blac Chyna Smoke Weed?


Does Blac Chyna Smoke Weed?

Does Blac Chyna smoke weed? We did some digging. Here’s what we found.

You’re probably wondering: Does Blac Chyna smoke weed? Blac Chyna is a former stripper best known for her TV and Twitter-broadcasted relationship with Rob Kardashian, which recently went down in flames. Based on the amount of drama between the two it sounds like they could both use some weed. And that brings us back to the original question: Does Blac Chyna smoke weed? We had to do some extensive research to find out. You may be surprised by what we learned.

Who is Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna’s actual name is Angela Renée White. Before becoming famous, she was a stripper at King of Diamonds in Miami and 007 in Detroit. She met Tyga in 2011, and they had their son King Cairo Stevenson a year later. Two years later the couple split up.

In 2016, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian started dating. Months later, the two announced their engagement on social media. They then got their own show called “Rob and Chyna,” which was approved for a second season. They had their first child in November, and one month later, they split up.

Rob didn’t take the breakup too well, and he ended up sharing sexually explicit pictures of Blac Chyna. Following that, she got a temporary restraining order against him. Sounds stressful. We know an herb that can help.

Puff or Pass?

Does Blac Chyna Smoke Weed?

It sounds like Blac Chyna has a lot of drama in her life and could use a puff. So let’s find out, does Blac Chyna smoke weed? One thing we can say with certainty is that weed is all around her.

Tyga was put on blast for a video that showed his son walking around his living room right next to a table that had Swisher Sweets and a pile of greens. One of the custody agreements between Tyga and Blac Chyna was that they couldn’t smoke specifically cigarettes around their son. In fact, they were broad enough with the language to ensure that weed wouldn’t be included as a part of the agreement.

Her first baby daddy isn’t the only one piffing. Chyna’s mom took a blunt-smoking selfie and shared it online. Her latest baby daddy, Rob Kardashian, reportedly smokes and seems to like wearing weed socks.

The closest thing we have to evidence of Blac Chyna using weed was when she got into some trouble with the law. She was arrested for public intoxication and caught with “one gram or more but less than four grams” of a controlled substance. Sounds like she had an eighth of weed on her.

Final Hit: Does Blac Chyna Smoke Weed?

There’s definitely some compelling evidence that Blac Chyna is cool with weed. However, we can’t say for certain that she partakes. If she does, she’s kept it on the low while on the go for a while, despite having the spotlight directly on her. The people around Blac sure don’t seem to be shy about their weed use, so we don’t see why she would be. There’s not enough evidence to say she does smoke but there also isn’t enough to say she doesn’t. This one will remain a mystery until Chyna decides to reveal more about what she does in her spare time.

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