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Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?

Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?


Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?

We know what you’ve all been thinking: Does Casey Affleck smoke weed? Don’t worry, we did our homework. Check it out for yourself.

Does Casey Affleck smoke weed? Ben Affleck’s younger brother seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy. That makes him a perfect candidate to put him in the upper echelon of Hollywood stoners. When it comes to successful weed smokers, no celeb is as mysterious or as intriguing as Casey Affleck. So let’s dig deeper into the mystery: Does Casey Affleck smoke weed?

Who is Casey Affleck?

Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?

Despite being the younger, and lesser known of the Affleck brothers, Casey Affleck is still highly successful in his own right. Like his brother, he began as a child actor. His debut was for a PBS film, “Lemon Sky” back in 1988. However, his breakout role didn’t come until the 2007 film “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” For that role, he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He received further acclaim that year for his portrayal of a private investigator in his brother Ben Affleck’s film, “Gone Baby, Gone.” 

He followed his brother’s footsteps, and made his directorial debut in 2010 with the mockumentary “I’m Still Here,” featuring brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix. Affleck’s most acclaimed role came as Lee Chandler in the 2016 film “Manchester by the Sea.” He won more than 40 awards for his performance, including a Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Actor.

With all of his success, Affleck has recently been at the center of controversy. A former producer accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her. She also said he verbally abused her. Affleck was sued for $2 million. Magdalena Gorka, Affleck’s cinematographer, made similar accusations. She sued for $2.25 million. Both lawsuits were settled out of court.

Affleck has also had some drinking problems. But he now says he’s three years sober. All of this leads us to back to the question: Does Casey Affleck smoke weed instead?

Puff or Pass?

Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?

There’s not much evidence to prove that Casey Affleck is an avid weed smoker, but there are definitely some signs. While he hasn’t outwardly said he smokes, his mannerisms tell a different story. Particularly, during last year’s appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

In the interview, Affleck was unquestionably super-awkward. His eyes were glazed over and red, and he looked like he just rolled out of bed. Colbert even commented “Thanks for dressing up,” Colbert said, poking fun of Affleck’s raggedy look.

That’s not to confirm Affleck was blitzed out of his mind, but it certainly didn’t help his case. Tons of people accused the actor/director of being stoned in his interview, and it’s hard to blame them. Apparently, a lot of people thought the actor looked quite stoned during his Oscar acceptance speech as well. Coincidence? We think not.

Final Hit: Does Casey Affleck Smoke Weed?

Although he hasn’t explicitly spoken about his love for bud, it appears sort of obvious Casey Affleck does in fact smoke weed. He’s never publicly come out and said it, but his appearance and mannerisms certainly tell a different story. Normally, we’d say “innocent until proven guilty,” but in Affleck’s case, it’s “stoner until proven otherwise.” Can you blame us?

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