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Does Ciara Smoke Weed?

Does Ciara Smoke Weed?


Does Ciara Smoke Weed?

Does Ciara smoke weed? Let’s explore whether the international superstar would rather puff or pass.

You’re probably wondering: does Ciara smoke weed? Good thing you’re here, then: we’re about to find out.

Who Is Ciara?

Born Ciara Princess Harris on October 25, 1985, in Austin Texas, the mononymous R&B singer entered the spotlight in 2004 after a brief stint with the girl group Hearsay in the early aughts. Her solo debut spawned four hit singles: “Goodies,” “And I,” Oh,” and “1, 2 Step.” Since then, she has garnered a Grammy Award and numerous chart-topping tracks, the most recent from her sixth studio album Jackie. 

Despite her impressive discography, Ciara’s personal life has unfortunately been at the forefront lately. Her recent marriage to NFL player Russell Wilson followed months of sensationalism centered around her public disclosure of the couple’s choice to stay chaste until their wedding night. Preceding this was her admittedly tumultuous relationship with hip-hop star Future, which resulted in a broken-off engagement and a short-lived lawsuit against the father of her first child for sub-par parenting.

In other, better news, the pop sensation gave birth to her first child with Wilson in April.

Puff or Pass?

Does Ciara Smoke Weed?

While her ex-fiance Future has been open concerning his use of recreational drugs—among which include weed and lean (a mix of codeine and/or prescription cough syrup mixed with soda and Jolly Ranchers)—Ciara doesn’t seem to share her old flame’s proclivities. (It should be noted that many accounts of the lifestyle differences between Future and Ciara, such as ones featured in Future’s Rolling Stone cover article back in 2016, tend to be from the mouths of Future’s cohorts and friends, making them ultimately and noticeably biased.)

If anything, Ciara seems much more in tune with her current husband’s wavelength—considering he’s a professional football player and part of a league that supposedly performs regular drug tests for substances including cannabis.

Final Hit: Does Ciara Smoke Weed?

Unfortunately for some, it looks like there is no conclusive evidence that suggests Ciara is a big fan of ganja. Technically, there’s the slim possibility that Ciara is exceptional at keeping her weed smokage on the down-low. Despite this, we’re going to go ahead and say that extenuating factors suggest otherwise. In a way, you could consider her the cannabis foil to rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Regardless of whether Ciara generally cans the cannabis or not, she’s a talented individual with a fierce stage presence whose innovations in her musical stylings and persona continue to please. Get it, lady.

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