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Does George Clooney Smoke Weed?

Does George Clooney Smoke Weed?


Does George Clooney Smoke Weed?

So does George Clooney smoke weed? He certainly seems chill enough to smoke the ganja.

You must be wondering: Does George Clooney smoke weed? Clooney is an accomplished actor, filmmaker, and Academy Award winner, but is he also a big time weed enthusiast?

Who is George Clooney?

It’s pretty hard to imagine someone not knowing who Clooney is, but here’s a refresher course regardless. Clooney’s first acting work came in 1978, as an extra in the television series “Centennial.” 

His first major role, however, did not come until 1984 on a short-lived sitcom “E/R.” He also appeared as a handyman on the show “The Facts of Life,” and as semi-regular Booker Brooks on the sitcom “Roseanne.” 

His big break came in 1994 when he was cast as Dr. Doug Ross on the television drama “ER” (not to be confused with his other sitcom “E/R”). Clooney’s performance on “ER” started to earn him movie roles in the late 1990s.

He starred in movies “One Fine Day,” “The Peacemaker,” and the critically panned superhero movie “Batman and Robin.”

The 2000’s proved to be a successful era for Clooney as he starred in critically acclaimed films “The Perfect Storm,” “O Brother Where Art Thou?,” “Good Night,” and “Good Luck,” “Syriana,” and “Ocean’s Eleven.”

“Ocean’s Eleven” proved to become the most successful film with Clooney in the lead role, and it spawned two sequels in “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen.” He also won his first Oscar for his supporting role in “Syriana.” 

Clooney also made his directorial debut in 2002, directing the film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” Although the film was considered a flop, critics praised Clooney as an up-and-coming director.

Other roles Clooney starred in were “The Good German,” “Leatherheads,” “The American,” “The Descendants,” “Gravity,” “Tomorrowland,” and “Hail Caesar!” He also won another Academy Award in 2012 for co-producing “Argo” alongside Ben Affleck. 

Puff or Pass?

Does George Clooney Smoke Weed?

So back to the burning question: Does George Clooney smoke weed? Well, there is a good amount of evidence to suggest Clooney does, in fact, toke up.

One example of Clooney smoking weed came during the filming of the film “Ocean’s Twelve.” One of the shooting locations of the film was in Amsterdam, where weed is obviously very much legal.

The owner of a local cannabis cafe told reporters at the time that Clooney was a frequent visitor of the cafe. Apparently, Clooney goes there several times a year.

Brad Pitt, another notorious celebrity smoker, has also commented on Clooney’s weed smoking. He has openly admitted to smoking weed with several celebrities—including Clooney.

Final Hit: Does George Clooney Smoke Weed?

So it does appear as if George Clooney is a low-key weed smoker. Well, apparently not that low key, since he’s been spotted in the same weed cafe plenty of times.

It’s far from uncommon for celebs like him to indulge in the green stuff. Clearly, Clooney is no exception. No wonder he always looks so calm, cool, and collected.

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