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Does Liam Neeson Smoke Weed?

Does Liam Neeson Smoke Weed?


Does Liam Neeson Smoke Weed?

Have you ever wondered “does Liam Neeson smoke weed?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what we know about the stoic actor.

You’re probably wondering: Does Liam Neeson smoke weed? The straight-laced Neeson isn’t necessarily an obvious candidate be a cannabis enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean much. There are plenty of celebrities who smoke both candidly and on the down low. With that in mind, it’s fair to wonder if Neeson fits into either category.

Who is Liam Neeson?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you probably know who Liam Neeson is. Either way, here’s a refresher.

The Irish-born actor originally got into acting at age 11, when he took the lead role in a school play to impress a girl he liked.

After working a number of odd jobs as an adult, Neeson joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre, where he performed for two years.

He eventually made his way over to film the following year, playing Jesus Christ and Evangelist in the religious film “Pilgrim’s Progress.” In 1980, he was offered the role of Sir Gawain in the film “Excaliber.” From there, he began getting more buzzworthy roles.

Neeson’s climb to notable fame began in 1993, after receiving the role of Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List.” His performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor that year.

As a bona fide leading man, Neeson starred in several films in the 90s including, “Rob Roy,” “Michael Collins,” “Les Misérables,” “The Haunting,” and “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”

In the 2000s, Neeson went on to star in several mainstream movies, including “The Crucible,” “Gangs of New York,” and “Love Actually.” He also played villain R’as al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins.”

Perhaps the role he is most famous for is that of retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in the “Taken” series. Neeson has also starred in big budget films “Clash of the Titans,” “The A-Team,” “The Grey,” “War of the Worlds,” and “The Lego Movie.”

Puff or Pass?

Does Liam Neeson Smoke Weed?

Back to the question at hand: Does Liam Neeson smoke weed? Unfortunately, the actor hasn’t said much about possible cannabis use.

Additionally, there hasn’t been any instances of Neeson seen smoking weed in public. His name was included on an online list of celebrities who smoke weed.

It’s unclear if that list is actually valid. But if it is, that would obviously be a big clue about Neeson’s weed activity. But the fact remains that Neeson hasn’t really spoken about it either way.

Final Hit: Does Liam Neeson Smoke Weed?

Simply put, there’s not enough evidence to prove Liam Neeson is a weed smoker. There are some very limited clues that hint at the possibility. But it would be reaching to say he’s a regular cannabis smoker.

Obviously, we’d love for Neeson to be a part of the weed community. And there are already so many successful marijuana users in the club. But so far, it just doesn’t appear very likely. Hopefully, Liam addresses the topic someday.

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