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Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?


Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

“Mean Girls” season is upon us, and we’re compelled to ask: Does Lindsay Lohan smoke weed? Or does the rehab veteran abstain from everything?

You’re probably wondering: Does Lindsay Lohan smoke weed? The child star-turned train wreck has constantly been in the news for legal problems, substance abuse issues, and family drama. Has the “Mean Girls” star turned to our BFF Mary Jane for comfort? Or did she put her down in the Burn Book as a “grotsky little biatch”?

Who is Lindsay Lohan?

Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

Lindsay Lohan is an American actress with a long and turbulent history. Born in 1986 to Dina and Michael Lohan, her career started as a child model for brands like Calvin Klein Kids and Abercrombie.

At age 11, she was cast in Disney’s 1998 remake of the film “The Parent Trap.” She went on to act in other Disney movies, like “Life Size” and “Freaky Friday.”

“Freaky Friday” (2003) proved to be Lohan’s breakout role. From there, she starred in two films in 2004. The first was “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.”

The second was “Mean Girls,” in which she co-starred with Rachel McAdams. The film instantly earned a cult following. Lindsay Lohan became a household name.

And then it all fell apart. From 2007 to 2013, the media reported heavily on her hard partying, heavy drinking, drug use and legal issues, including a few DUI charges.

Predictably, her personal troubles severely affected her ability to do her job. She notably caused multiple problems on the set of “Georgia Rule” (2007) due to her habitual lateness and frequent absences.

The studio executive James G. Robinson even penned a letter to her that was later published calling her out for her unprofessional behavior.

Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to jail on four separate occasions and has been in and out of rehab for a few years.

These days, she’s seemed to have calmed down a bit. But she has gotten into the habit of making confusing political tweets.

There’s also a rumor floating around that she’s converting to Islam because she’s studying the Quran and was stopped at the London Heathrow Airport wearing a headscarf after coming back from Turkey.

Puff or Pass?

Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

So does Lindsay Lohan smoke weed? She’s famous for her hard partying, poor decision making, and mini docu-series on Oprah Winfrey’s channel OWN.

But does Lohan like the loud? She’s admitted to drinking excessively and to abusing harder drugs, like cocaine and Adderall. Although she speaks freely about her past struggles with coke, she’s never mentioned smoking weed.

While it’s possible that pot was never her thing, it’s more likely than not that she has tried it at the very least.

This likelihood is supported by a photo released in 2011 featuring Lohan holding a pipe in one hand, while giving the photographer, presumably a friend of hers, the finger.

Final Hit: Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

Does Lindsay Lohan Smoke Weed?

She’s never confirmed it, but she’s never denied it either. In interviews, Lohan has freely spoken about her struggles with cocaine, alcohol, and prescription drugs.

It seems that she hasn’t mentioned weed though. Maybe it’s because weed is not addictive, or it’s because cannabis has never been an issue for her. Or she just doesn’t like it. That’s always a possibility.

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