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Does Miranda Lambert Smoke Weed?

Does Miranda Lambert Smoke Weed?


Does Miranda Lambert Smoke Weed?

We know what you’re wondering: does Miranda Lambert smoke weed? Let’s take a look and find out for ourselves.

We know what you’ve come here to find out: does Miranda Lambert smoke weed? If you’re itching to find out if the singer and de facto second coming of country music at large likes to smoke and toke, then good job,  you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Miranda Lambert?

Born Miranda Leigh Lambert on November 10, 1983, in Longview, Texas, the precocious future country icon put her name on the map in 2005 with her debut album Kerosene, followed by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in 2007, Revolution in 2009, and Four the Record in 2011. A tw0-time Grammy Award winner, Lambert is also a member of the band the Pistol Annies, which she founded along with country sensations Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

As for her relationships: Lambert was previously married to fellow country star Blake Shelton. The couple split up in 2015.

But forget her personal life: Lambert’s main prerogative is creating what she calls an alternative to “Bro Country,” all with gritty songs with plots steeped in realism.

“I try to sing honestly about what’s going on in women’s lives and what they are going through,” she told the press back in 2014. “Hopefully people can see that.”

Puff or Pass?

Does Miranda Lambert Smoke Weed?

So, about Lambert’s superband the Pistol Annies. It turns out that one song by the musical side project might be all we need to tell whether Miranda Lambert enjoys some reefer. Let’s observe a verse or two in their song “Hush Hush,” a song about a dysfunctional family who attempts to disguise their brokenness.  As the lyrics go:

“So I snuck out behind the red barn
And I took myself a toke
Since everybody here hates everybody here
Hell, I might as well be the joke
I’m gonna dance up on the table
Singing ‘This Little Light of Mine'”

As Slate noted, the insertion of weed into country songs—and ultimately country culture—is a relatively new concept.

“Over the past decade, there’s been a spike in the number of country songs mentioning weed—not admonishments or rehab laments, but casual, positive references,” wrote Rachael Maddux, the author of the article. She posited that the inclusion of weed in songs like “Hush Hush” lend a sense of authenticity to the portrayal of the people and subjects depicted in songs like those composed by Pistol Annies—and, by proxy, Lambert.

“When casual, positive mentions of a Schedule I controlled substance more associated with the less wholesome worlds of rock and hip-hop start making their way into country’s conservative idyll, it’s worth stepping back to reassess what we know about the ‘real life’ being reflected here,” Maddux added.

But back to the question at hand: does Miranda Lambert smoke weed?

Final Hit: Does Miranda Lambert Smoke Weed?

Considering the strong case “Hush Hush” presents, we’re going to go ahead and say that yes, it’s very, very likely that Miranda Lambert is a fannabis of the cannabis. While she might not have the ganjapreneur status of, say, Wiz Khalifa, all evidence suggests that Lambert is right on board the green train.

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