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Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?

Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?


Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?

She’s a self-proclaimed bad girl, but does Rihanna smoke weed?

When she’s not work, work, work, work, working does Rihanna smoke weed? RiRi has a reputation for being a bad girl. Does that include breaking federal law to take the edge off? If you follow her closely you may already know the answer. We did some research to get a definitive answer on whether or not Rihanna smokes weed.

Who Is Rihanna?

Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?

Before becoming a famous singer in the United States Robyn Rihanna Fenty was living in Barbados. She sold clothes with her father of Afro-Barbadian and Irish descent in a stall. Her early life was deeply affected by her dad’s addictions to crack and alcohol. She suffered but her health improved after her parent’s divorce.

Rihanna entered the army as a cadet in a sub-military program. Her drill sergeant was a singer-songwriter named Shontelle. That could be where she got the inspiration to become a singer-songwriter herself. Not soon after Rihanna formed a musical trio with two of her classmates. Her talent was noticed by an American record producer named Evan Rogers. Impressed by her talent, he brought her to his hometown in the United States to record a demo tape.

After sending the demo tape to Def Jam Recordings, she was allowed to audition for the president of the company: Jay Z. He was so impressed that he wouldn’t let her leave without signing a deal. Def Jam didn’t want to risk losing her to another label. Rihanna was in the company’s offices until 3 am when lawyers finished drafting up a contract.

Since then she’s been killing it on the R&B and Pop charts. She’s also won award including a Grammy.

Puff Or Pass?

Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?

So does Rihanna smoke weed in her free time? Where should we start? We’ll skip the tabloids and get straight to the facts. Starting at around 2011, pot leaves began appearing on Rihanna’s clothes. In fact, she was seen wearing a cannabis-themed costume on Halloween. It began subtly but she eventually stopped giving a fuck and started smoking weed out in the open.

In 2012, Rihanna was spotted at Coachella rolling a blunt using her security guards bald head as a rolling tray. Talk about giving no fucks.

Since then she has been a legalization advocate and one of the most public cannabis smoking celebrities in America. Rihanna shatters stoner stereotypes racking up 8 Grammy awards while openly flaunting her love for weed.

If you won’t take our word for it there’s an abundance of pictures of Rihanna smoking pot on the internet. In fact, she frequently shares her blunt smoking lifestyle on social media.

Final Hit: Does Rihanna Smoke Weed?

When looking at the evidence the answer to the question Does Rihanna smoke weed is obvious. RiRi seems like she wants the world to know that she smokes weed while remaining successful.

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