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Does Sandra Bullock Smoke Weed?

Does Sandra Bullock Smoke Weed?


Does Sandra Bullock Smoke Weed?

If you’re a fan of ‘Miss Congeniality’ or ‘The Blind Side’, you’re probably here to find out this: does Sandra Bullock smoke weed? Let’s find out.

We know why you’re here, we know what you’re curious about, yada yada yada. Basically, we know the burning question on your mind: “does Sandra Bullock smoke weed?” Okay, we might not be psychic, exactly, but we definitely have an answer for you. So get ready to find out whether Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock would rather puff some ganja or pass it.

Who Is Sandra Bullock?

Born Sandra Annette Bullock in Arlington, Virginia on July 26, 1964, this future actress had the life of a typical military brat. As the daughter of a U.S. Army employee, she spent her childhood in different places, predominantly Austria and Germany. After attending and graduating from East Carolina University with a BFA in drama in 1987, Bullock moved to NYC to begin her career.

After a few small parts in movies and some failed TV pilots, Bullock finally got her big break in the 1994 thriller Speed, starring opposite Keanu Reeves. Soon after, the actor garnered her first Golden Globe nomination for her turn as the lead in the romcom While You Were Sleeping, cementing her status as an A-lister.

Since then, Bullock has received acclaim for her comedic talents in movies like Miss Congeniality, The Heat, and The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, as well as for her dramatic roles in films like The Blind Side, which earned her an Academy Award in 2010.

Most recently, Bullock amassed media attention after she was cast in an all-female reboot of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. The retitled Ocean’s Eight will be released in June 2018.

Puff or Pass?

Does Sandra Bullock Smoke Weed?

While it’s not entirely clear if Bullock still partakes in the occasional joint or two, we can say for certain that she has smoked in the past.

In a 2007 interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the friendly pair quipped back and forth about their pot-smokin’ heydays. The subject came up when Stewart noted the nonlinear plot of the supernatural thriller Premonition, which she was promoting on the show.

“You’re living your days out of order,” Stewart said at the time, alluding to her character in Premonition. “When I used to smoke pot, I felt as though I was living a similar premise.”

“As did we feel the same as we lit up every day,” she joked about her time on set.

Okay, her allusion to pot smoking on the set of Premonition was probably made in jest. But she did make off-handed commentary about when she “used to smoke pot,” though she didn’t go into any specific anecdotes. (As Politico noted, the interview took place during a sea change in American attitudes towards public acknowledgment of cannabis usage.)

It should also be noted that Bullock once had a romantic relationship with Matthew McConaughey, who was infamously busted for weed possession back in 1998.  (And yes, we mean the time he was arrested after cops found him playing a set of bongoes while naked.)

“She and I have another version of our relationship to put on film, and we’re looking for something. She’s not a little girl. She’s a woman. She could run a country,” he said of her fondly in an interview last year. So if McConaughey still likes to treat himself to some tree every once in awhile, and if he still hangs out frequently with Bullock…well then, who knows?

Final Hit: Does Sandra Bullock Smoke Weed?

So: does Sandra Bullock smoke weed? While the Oscar-winner did smoke up at one point in her life, we can’t confirm any current use. In any case, her attitude regarding pot seems on the whole laissez-faire. Regardless of whether she still puffs or now passes, we’re pretty sure Bullock would be comfortable in the company of stoners. At least with Matthew McConaughey, right?

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