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Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?


Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

Her character on “Modern Family” is known to get high. But what about the actress in real life? Does Sarah Hyland smoke weed?

You’re probably wondering: does Sarah Hyland smoke weed? She’s famous for her performance in the sitcom Modern Family. Does she get excited about modern weed technology? Let’s find out.

Who is Sarah Hyland?

Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

Sarah Hyland is an American actress. Born on November 24th, 1990, Hyland is best known for her portrayal of Haley Dunphy in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. She was born in New York and was educated at Manhattan’s Professional Performing Arts School.

Hyland’s acting career began when she was seven years old when she played Howard Stern’s daughter in the movie Private Parts. She went on to act in the 1999 remake of Annie and even a Broadway production of Grey Gardens.

In 2009, Hyland was cast in the ABC ensemble sitcom Modern Family. Her character, Haley Dunphy, evolved from a shallow and irresponsible teenager to a young woman creating a career in the fashion and lifestyle industry. The show proved to be wildly successful. And soon after, Sarah Hyland became a household name. Like the rest of the cast, she is known to have a tight relationship with her TV family. She’s also friends with pop superstar Taylor Swift and is often confused with Mila Kunis.

In 2014, TMZ reported that Hyland was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, fellow actor Matthew Prokop. Prokop had been both emotionally and physically abusive towards her in the final years of their relationship. Hyland had reported that he had choked her, threatened to set her home on fire, and even threatened the safety of her dog. Her TV mom, Julie Bowen, was present during the breakup and helped keep Hyland safe.

She has been dealing with some health issues for most of her life, including kidney dysplasia. In 2012, she received a kidney transplant from her father. Recently, she made some public comments about her most recent health concerns on Twitter. In those tweets, she also addressed the erroneous speculation that she has an eating disorder.

Puff or Pass?

Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

So does Sarah Hyland smoke weed or not? Besides her health issues and experience with domestic violence, Hyland’s personal life is not covered very often in the media. To date, she has never been caught with a bong or a blunt. She has, however, been photographed smoking cigarettes a few times.

In an interview with Vanity Fair back in 2014, Hyland said that she believed that her fellow young actors used alcohol and drugs as a means to fill a void in their lives. The next year, during an interview with NYLON, Hyland was asked about the use of weed in her 2015 film See You In Valhalla as well as her view on cannabis legalization. She stressed that the film wasn’t condoning weed smoking, “especially for teenagers.” She did not comment on legalization.

Final Hit: Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

Does Sarah Hyland Smoke Weed?

Does this popular sitcom actress enjoy kicking back with a bowlful of bud? Does Sarah Hyland like to get high? We’re going to venture a guess and say that she doesn’t. Because she avoided giving a solid answer about her opinion on cannabis legalization and the attitude toward substance use in general, it’s likely that Hyland doesn’t smoke weed. Which is totally fine! It’s her choice.

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