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Does Scott Disick Smoke Weed?

Does Scott Disick Smoke Weed?


Does Scott Disick Smoke Weed?

So does Scott Disick smoke weed? We decided to investigate whether or not the reality star is a stoner like the rest of us.

You’re probably wondering does Scott Disick smoke weed? The reality star is famous for his on-and-off relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, so it’s fair to wonder if he uses weed to get through his CONSTANT breakups with the oldest Kardashian sister. We decided to find out for ourselves whether or not Scott is a stoner like us. So without further a do, here are the fruits of our labor.

Who is Scott Disick?

Other than his exploits on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there’s not much to know about the American reality show star. He originally started out as a male model, and later a business entrepreneur. His first modeling gig was for a young adult book series Heartland back in 2001. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Scott, most of his popularity has come from his affiliations with the Kardashian clan.

He first met and started dating Kourtney back in 2006, and had their first child in 2009. They had two more children – daughter Penelope Scotland in 2012 and son Reign Aston in 2014. He’s made appearances on both Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. It was his outlandish personality and high-intensity arguments with Kourtney and her family that catapulted Disick into national spotlight.

Disick is a known investor of startups and private businesses, and also has his own line of menopause supplements for men.

Puff or Pass?

Does Scott Disick Smoke Weed?

Back to the burning question– does Scott Disick smoke weed? It wouldn’t be surprising if any member of the Kardashian entourage is a known toker, but we’re talking specifically Disick here.

While there isn’t much evidence to prove he’s a stoner, there is one story that suggests Disick is an avid weed smoker.

Back in 2013, Disick was part of some weed-related controversy involving a young Kendall Jenner. Apparently, it happened at the iHeart Radio Music Festival that year. The Kardashians were all hanging out (surprise, surprise), and then Scott showed up.

Apparently, he also brought a little treat with him.

A source says Disick brought a joint to the festival. That’s all fine and dandy. Except according to the source, he peer pressured a then-17-year-old Kendall Jenner into smoking it too.

Per the source:

“All the Kardashian were smoking pot.  Scott Disick brought it and rolled it into a joint.  He passed it to Khloe, Kourtney and even Kendall Jenner, who inhaled and got red lipstick all over it.”

While we’re all fine with smoking weed, giving some ganja to someone as young as Kendall isn’t necessarily the brightest of ideas. But considering this is the Kardashians we’re talking about, it’s not much of a surprise.

Final Hit: Does Scott Disick Smoke Weed?

So does Scott Disick smoke weed? Judging by this story, yes. However, there hasn’t been many other instances of Disick smoking the good stuff. There was, however, a scene on ‘KUPWTK’ where Disick was seen hugging Khloe when she had a joint in her hand. He wasn’t smoking the joint himself, but he seemed pretty nonchalant with a joint in his presence. Sounds like a veteran stoner to us.

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