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Does Sofia Vergara Smoke Weed?

Does Sofia Vergara Smoke Weed?


Does Sofia Vergara Smoke Weed?

Does Sofia Vergara smoke weed? Let’s see if one of the most hilarious actresses to ever hit cable television likes to puff it or pass it.

You’re probably wondering: “does Sofia Vergara smoke weed?” Well, deal reader, we have your back. Let’s take a look and see if the actress and model of Modern Family fame is a joker, a smoker, and a midnight toker.

Who Is Sofia Vergara?

Born Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia, the woman who would become one of the most well-known comedic actresses on television originally had her eyes set on, well, teeth. Yes, that’s right: Vergara studied dentistry for three years before abandoning university to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Her first gigs were mostly commercials, notably a television ad for Pepsi. At 18, she married her high school boyfriend and subsequently gave birth to her son Manolo. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, and she divorced her husband in 1993.

She then emigrated to Miami, Florida during a wave of civil unrest in her home country—part of a 53-year low-intensity war known as La Violencia, leaving her family behind. (Tragically, her brother Rafael was killed during the conflict.)

Even though Vergara’s obvious talent earned her a place at the Creative Workshops School of Acting—Gloria Estefan was a fellow classmate of hers—and a few notable parts in comedies like Chasing Papi and a slew of Tyler Perry films, it would be years until Vergara became a household name. Her big break came after she was cast as Gloria Pritchett, the vivacious, hilarious, and bold second wife of the Pritchett family patriarch, Jay. Her performance on the still-running sitcom garnered her multiple nominations, including four Golden Globes and four Emmys. While her character has been a fan favorite since the show’s inception, Vergara has also encountered criticism for her portrayal.

While her character has been a fan favorite since the show’s inception, Vergara has also encountered criticism for her portrayal. Publications such as Latina magazine have condemned the actress for perpetuating latinx stereotypes.

“I want to be like Gloria,” responded Vergara to her detractors in 2013. “I don’t see how anyone would think that Gloria is a bad stereotype.”

But back to the question on all of our minds: does Sofia Vergara smoke weed?

Puff or Pass?

Does Sofia Vergara Smoke Weed?

According to very scientific research we conducted on the Internet—AKA a Google search or two—we found virtually nothing on whether Vergara smokes weed. Literally nothing. Not even an opinion on it. But while there’s no definitive evidence of Vergara puffing and passing, it doesn’t mean she’s adverse recreationally imbibing. In an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2012, the night show host challenged Vergara to her first-ever beer pong match—with hilarious results.(Highlights include a patented Vergara zinger: when Fallon explained that if a ball landed in a cup she had to chug it, she replied, “…with the ball?”) While she didn’t beat Fallon, she definitely put up a valiant effort.

(And just in case you’re wondering, Jimmy Fallon doesn’t smoke weed either. For a guy that acts like he smokes the fattest blunt before taking the stage every night frankly, we’re shocked. What could he possibly be like if he acts like that when he’s sober?)

Final Hit: Does Sofia Vergara Smoke Weed?

So, does Sofia Vergara smoke weed? Because there’s no evidence pointing one way or another, we can’t say either yes or no. But Sofia, if you indeed enjoy a bong rip once in a blue moon, stop on by our office. Maybe we can play beer pong, too.

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