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Don’t Eat Your Weed: Singing Lawyers Explain What Not To Do

Don't Eat Your Weed: Singing Lawyers Explain What Not To Do


Don’t Eat Your Weed: Singing Lawyers Explain What Not To Do

Lawyers wrote a song teaching people what not to do if they get busted with weed. The song is hilarious and actually helpful too. Don’t eat your weed.

Don’t eat your weed song

When you were in school studying for a big test you probably got the advice to make a song out of the stuff you were trying to memorize. It’s one of the best ways to remember things. And a couple of lawyers are really tapping into the power of this mnemonic device. They wrote a song teaching people what not to do if they get busted with weed. The song, called “Don’t Eat Your Weed,” is hilarious and actually pretty helpful too. It’s also making these lawyers into cannabis culture heroes.

“Don’t Eat Your Weed”

The song is called “Don’t Eat Your Weed,” and it was written and recorded by lawyers Will Hutson and Chris Harris. The song is basically a three and a half minute tutorial on how to handle things if you get pulled over by a cop and you’ve got weed with you.

The main piece of advice is to avoid trying to get rid of your herb. That’s because as soon as you start trying to do that, you could get charged with tampering with evidence. And tampering with evidence is a much more serious crime than simple marijuana possession.

Here’s how their song explains it. “Please don’t eat your weed, ‘cuz it’s only a Class B misdemeanor. Don’t turn a class B into a felony by tampering with evidence. Don’t be a dumbass, don’t destroy your stash, don’t eat your weed.”

Of course, things get a little trickier if you’re carrying around a large amount of marijuana. According to the singing lawyers, “anything less than a quarter pound is still not a felony, but you couldn’t eat that much weed.”

An important note on all this. These guys are lawyers in the state of Texas, and their advice is targeted specifically to people who also live in Texas. That’s why in the very beginning of the video they say: “You know kids, if you’re in possession of less than two ounces of marijuana in the state of Texas, that is a Class B Misdemeanor.”

If you don’t live in Texas, your state’s laws might be a little bit different. So before you take this song to heart, be sure you know exactly what your state’s rules are.

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