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Does Justin Bieber Smoke Weed?

Does Justin Bieber Smoke Weed?


Does Justin Bieber Smoke Weed?

Is the controversial singer a stoner? We took to the web to determine if the musician behind hits like “Baby” and “Sorry” is one of us.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years, you know who Justin Bieber is. And if you clicked on this article, you’re probably wondering if the singer is a fan-abis of cannabis. Well, we were curious too, so we did the research to answer our burning question: does Justin Bieber smoke weed?

Who is Justin Bieber?

The Canadian-born singer was discovered on YouTube when he was only twelve years old. Since his discovery, his career took off in a crazy way. His songs have topped the charts, he’s sold out concert venues…and he’s been the center of at least a dozen controversies.

Bieber has gotten into trouble with the law for reckless driving, multiple counts of vandalism, a DUI, and an alleged assault charge against a photographer. In 2014, 270,000 people petitioned the White House to deport Bieber back to Canada. It never happened, but everyone was suddenly able to have an exact number of how many people were over him.

He also abandoned his pet monkey in Germany.

Despite his myriad legal issues, Bieber, to this day, enjoys a huge amount of success in the music industry.

Puff or Pass?

Does Justin Bieber Smoke Weed?

So does Justin Bieber smoke weed or not? In a 2015 interview with i-D magazine, Bieber openly discussed his use of cannabis. He said that it made him introspective:

You just figure out who you want to be and who you don’t want to be. You have all these questions and you start answering these questions. I mean, honestly, it’s just about perception. At the end of the day, there are people who don’t think is good. And if they don’t feel that’s good then I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. So I’m not going to put it in their face. You’ll never see me smoking. Because that is not who I am. If it’s something I do then it’s something I do, but it’s not who I am and what I want to put on blast for the world to see.

It was a bold statement, especially considering that he smoked a joint onstage during a concert in New Zealand just a month before that interview. We see you, Justin. We see you.

Final Hit: Does Justin Bieber Smoke Weed?

Here’s what we know for sure. Biebs has smoked weed. Thanks to sources like TMZ and i-D magazine, it’s common knowledge that Justin Bieber had a tight relationship with pot in the past and found the plant to be pretty dope. It’s even confirmed by police reports that he had cannabis in his system at the time of his 2014 arrest (although, this doesn’t mean he was stoned when he was driving. He was just under the direct influence of alcohol and possibly Xanax, which was also in his system).

But does he still imbibe? In May, Bieber was featured in Diplo’s flop of a track “Bankroll,” in which he rapped a lyric about weed. Last year, he tweeted a video about Big Pharma’s role in cannabis prohibition. The tweet seemed to be in support of medical cannabis and a condemnation of pharmaceutical drug companies.

The tweet could just be an indication that Bieber is well-informed and wants to spread up-to-date information to his millions of followers and fans. While it doesn’t necessarily mean he smokes weed, it’s a fairly good indication that he does.

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