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Katt Williams Arrested For Marijuana and Guns

Katt Williams Arrested For Marijuana And Guns


Katt Williams Arrested For Marijuana and Guns

Katt Williams Arrested

Comedian and actor Katt Williams was arrested in Georgia after police found marijuana and guns in his house. The incident began when authorities responded to claims that Williams had detained, assaulted, and threatened one of his bodyguards. As part of that investigation, police executed a search warrant and raided Williams’s house.

During the search, authorities found several guns. They also discovered what they described as “significant quantities” of marijuana. Williams was arrested following the search. Police said that after finding the guns and marijuana, they added extra charges to Williams’s case.

As a result, the comedian was accused of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, false incarceration, and felony possession of marijuana.This isn’t the first run-in the comedian and actor have had with the law.

In fact, it seems as if Williams has been on a bit of a spree lately. On February 29, he was arrested after he punched an employee at a pool supplies store. Williams claims that he hit the man after he made a racist comment.

Later that same week, Williams was accused of physically attacking five women and stealing their cell phones. He also got into trouble after people accused him of fighting in Los Angeles. Williams claims that one was in self-defense.

And finally, he was arrested after rushing the stage at a rap show in Philadelphia. Williams is probably most famous for his role as Mikey in Friday After Next. After portraying such a memorable character in this classic stoner flick, it’s in some ways fitting that he was eventually busted for marijuana.

Williams has also had acting roles in movies like First Sunday and Norbit. When it comes to television, Williams has performed on NYPD Blue, Wild ‘n Out, and My Wife and Kids. In addition to acting, he’s also established himself as a successful voice performer. In The Boondocks, Williams plays a pimp named Slickback.

With this latest arrest, Katt Williams has landed himself on a long list of pot-smoking celebrities who have been busted for marijuana. That list includes other big names like Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Flavor Flav, Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

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