The Most Luxurious Weed Products On The Market

Luxurious weed products are no longer hard to find on the market but weed’s often associated with all things grunge. Tattoos, ripped leggings, and rock stars, just to name a few examples. But now that the cannabis market is booming, fans have even more awesome products to choose from. And many are not grungy at all. They’re totally chic. Think classy, elegant, and super stylish. Park Avenue with a cannabis twist. Here are 23 of the most luxurious weed products on the market right now. You can even think of it as your personal cannabis gift guide. Perfect for a summertime splurge!

Only the most luxurious weed products will make the cut

23. The AuBox

Talk about luxury weed products. This super pricey, super stylish subscription box is delivered right to your home once a month. AuBox works hard to vary the selection in their themed boxes. Choose from a pet box, intimates box, beauty box, and more.

There’s even a day and night box to help you get your best beauty rest, and an edibles box if you’ve got the munchies. Each box contains THC and CBD-rich treats and trinkets. The only catch? You need to be able to afford the $1,000/year price tag. Or you can buy a box for $150 each.

22. Marble Pipe

This stunning pipe is made of solid marble, and is available from lifestyle brand Tetra. Not only does it look great as a paperweight or desktop accessory, it’s nearly impossible to tell it’s a smoking tool at first glance. That means you can use it to decorate your bookshelves, and no one will be the wiser. Very chic.

21. Floral Oasis Custom Grinder

If you want a luxurious weed grinder but don’t want to break your bank, check out this beauty from GreenHouseGrind. It’s only $24.90 and comes in a variety of pretty primary colors. The graphics are laser engraved onto the metal, offering a personalized look. Say goodbye to your old, broken-down grinders. This is one of the best on the market.

20. Gold Leaf Stash Box

Need a chic place to store your favorite weed products? The Gold Leaf Stash Box is one of the prettiest on the market. It comes in a variety of fun cannabis prints and is finished with a glossy black lacquer. It also includes a bundle of some of the most useful weed and rolling accessories.

19. Ankh Clip

Forget using a bobby pin or safety pin as a roach clip. (Though that definitely comes in handy every single time). The Ankh clip is a gorgeous brass beauty is dipped in 24-carat gold. It’s handmade in Portland, Oregon by the High Society Collection, and one of the most luxurious weed pieces on the market.

18. Lalique Jamaica Ashtray

Tap those ashes out in style! This gorgeous ashtray is priced at a whopping $434. But hey, it makes for a great cannabis-themed wedding gift.

17. Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Never roll an ugly joint or blunt again. These beautiful, shiny gold rolling papers make the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the chicest friend you know. For 12 papers covered in 24-carat gold, you pay $55. Pricey, but oh so worth it.

16. Wake N Bake Mug

This lovely ceramic mug is Japanese-inspired and made of rare black clay. It features an ashtray saucer that doubles as a lid and a matching hitter. Each mug is handmade and looks a little different. Definitely chic.

15. MALIN + GOETZ Cannabis Votive Candle

This bestselling cannabis candle is both seductive and beautiful. Including fresh citrus and sweet patchouli scents, you might consider it an aphrodisiac.

14. Latitudes Lighter

Your friends will think you’re super classy just for using this copper-hued lighter. Filled with Zippo-style lighter fluid, it’s got a fun design and was made in Japan. That definitely deserves some bragging points.

13. Mary Jane’s Necklace

You’ll be the talk of the party if you show up wearing this bad boy. Inspired by ’20s Art Deco and the culture of the 1960s, this necklace screams “excess” without being over-the-top. You can use it as a roach clip and no one will be the wiser. Oh yeah, and it has a 24-gold karat finish, and it’s handmade in Portland, Oregon.

12. Défoncé Cannabis Chocolate Bar

It’s time to treat yourself! This delicious chocolate bar is infused with 180 MG of THC, making it the perfect cannabis treat. It’s all organic, and the packaging is super stylish. And it comes in several flavors, including mint, milk, coffee, hazelnut, vanilla, and matcha Yum!

11. Tamper Keychain

Never leave home without it! The Tamper keychain by Soothsayer doubles as a key ring and a tamper for hand-rolling. Made of solid brass, it’s simple, understated, and totally chic.

10. iHit iPhone 6 Case

If you’re looking to give your phone a new outfit, look no further. The iHit iPhone 6 case can conceal up to six pre-rolled joints in its smell proof container. Plus, it looks great when you pull it out of your pocket, and comes in four different color combos.

9. Ascent Vaporizer

These gorgeous vapes are designed especially for dry herb and concentrate. They each come in a trendy carrying pouch and sport a cool temperature control system.

8. Beboe Pastilles

Upscale and luxurious, that’s what cannabis company Beboe is all about. Dubbed the “Hermès of marijuana” by The New York Times, these pastilles are carefully crafted with the finest ingredients. Each pastille contains 5 MG of Sativa blend THC and 3 MG of CBD.

7. Shed Brooklyn Dog Collar

Now your pooch pal can show off their love of weed with this adorable collar. (Did you know that pets can take certain kinds of cannabis medications?) It’s vegan, sustainably sourced, and made from hemp and brass. Plus, it’s very chic.

6. Three a Light by Joshua Haupt

Every stylish stoner needs one of these beautiful books on their coffee tables. Joshua Haupt’s illustrated volume is all about gardening and growing your own weed, and includes step-by-step instructions on growing cannabis “from seed to finished flower.” Basically, it’s weed gardening made simple, and with a very chic look.

5. THC Molecule Necklace

Perfect for your science-loving cannabis friends and family: A handmade stainless steel necklace that depicts the chemical compound of THC. The best part? Only fellow weed lovers will likely recognize its meaning, so you can wear it just about anywhere. Including your next work function.

4. Cannabis Oil Bath Bombs

What could be better than a hot bath filled with cannabis? Cannabis bath bombs are handmade with essential oils, sea salt, cannabis oil and hemp oil, these fun bath bombs look great in any bathroom. They’ll help moisturize your skin, fight acne and rashes, and let you relax while soaking in the tub with a great joint.

3. Phoenician Elite Grinder

If you’ve got champagne problems, you may want to check these gold grinders out. Priced at nearly $1,500, they’re made with 24-carat gold and are plated over aerospace aluminum. If you need to impress during a smoke sesh, these will do the trick.

2. Dixie Elixirs Muscle Relief Lotion

If you need a simple yet useful gift for Mom or Dad, Dixie Elixirs has come to your rescue. Perfect for sore and tired muscles, this lotion is infused with CO2-extracted THC and rosemary. It smells great and works on the skin in just five to ten minutes. The only downside is, it’s currently only available in Arizona and Colorado.

1. Amethyst Tobacco Pipe

Forget rose gold-colored pipes and bongs. This incredibly unique pipe is hand-carved and made from pretty purple amethyst. It’s one-of-a-kind, and definitely the kind of piece you’ll want to show off at parties. Definitely on the rarest cannabis products on the market.

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