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Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?


Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

Before he died, did Paul Walker smoke weed? He opened up about his former drug use in one of his final interviews.

During his lifetime Paul Walker had a ton of hobbies off the screen, but did Paul Walker smoke weed? He loved racing cars, parkour, archery, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so what about weed?

Who is Paul Walker?

Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

Paul Walker is an American actor that passed away in 2013 in a car crash as the passenger in his own Porsche. The investigation concluded the car’s speed and the age of the tires were the reason for the crash.

His acting career began in 1986. However, Walker didn’t gain international fame until the early 2000’s when he played Brian O’Conner in “The Fast and the Furious” films. He was getting into racing cars and expressed his want to play an undercover cop and a race car driver.

Soon after he got a call saying he’d be racing as an undercover cop in the underground street racing world of L.A.

“I was 24 years old,” Walker told the Los Angeles Times. “I had just recently had a child out of wedlock. I wanted to have fun and I needed to put a roof over my baby’s head. Getting to hang out with my friends and support my baby seemed like a ridiculous scenario.”

Walker had a taste for the wild life but towards the end, he said his “priority is being the best dad and the most well-rounded person” he can be. In fact, he founded the Reach Out Worldwide disaster relief organization. Walker’s charity dispatched medical teams to Indonesia after the 2010 tsunami. They also sent medical professionals to the Philippines to care for those wounded by Typhoon Haiyan, the largest storm ever recorded.

Puff Or Pass?

Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

So we know he liked to have his fun but did Paul Walker smoke weed? Paul lived in California but never expressed a love for bud. It was never something he brought up until right before his death. He shed light on the subject during the final interview on his press conference day for the movie Hours. Towards the end of the interview, he was asked how his outlook on acting changed since he first started. That’s when Walker opened up about his past including former drug use.

“I thought I was cool. I had smoked a lot of weed and done acid and shrooms, so I thought I’d been around the world and knew was was up.”

If he never did that interview the same year of his death we’d have no idea he was another celebrity that smoked weed. Apparently, he experimented with psychedelics too.

Final Hit: Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

Did Paul Walker Smoke Weed?

So the answer to the question did Paul Walker smoke weed is yes at one point in his life. However, it didn’t seem to be a priority at the end of his life. Walker will be remembered for his work as an actor and a humanitarian.

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