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“Pawn Stars” Chumlee Takes Plea Deal On Marijuana Charges

"Pawn Stars" Chumlee Takes Plea Deal On Marijuana Charges


“Pawn Stars” Chumlee Takes Plea Deal On Marijuana Charges

Chumlee Takes Plea

The star of the hit TV show “Pawn Stars” told a judge today that he plans to take a plea deal to avoid serving jail time after cops found marijuana, drugs, and guns at his Las Vegas home. Austin Lee Russell, better known by his nickname Chumlee, is a well-known cast member on the reality TV show “Pawn Stars.”

Despite the show’s longstanding success, Chumlee has had a rough 2016 so far.

Back in March cops searched his home as part of a sexual assault investigation.

During the search, the officers found enough illegal contraband that many thought Chumlee might be an all-out drug dealer.

According to reports, here’s what authorities discovered in the TV star’s home:

  • 1/4 pound of marijuana stashed in a 1 gallon Ziploc bag
  • 2 jars of cannabis: 1 of them had 8.2 grams of herb, the other had 2.8 grams
  • Another plastic bag filled with 4.4 grams of bud
  • Methamphetamine powder
  • 17 bars of Xanax
  • A plastic bag and a rolled up $1 bill, both of which had a suspicious looking white, powdery residue on them
  • 12 guns* (only 4 registered to Chum)

Chumlee insists he’s not a drug dealer, just a huge partier.

He apparently told cops that he likes to buy his drugs in bulk to make things more convenient.

While searching Chumlee’s home, cops also found a room called the “Chum Chum Room.” That’s where they found the suspicious white powdery residue.

The room also features a built-in stripper pole.

The TV star appeared in front of a judge today in Las Vegas. He’s facing a felony weapons charge and a misdemeanor count of attempted drug possession.

In his court appearance today, Chumlee told the judge that he plans to take a plea deal in the hopes of reducing how much jail time he’ll have to serve.

Chumlee and his lawyers did not speak to the media after the court appearance this morning. He’s due back for his next court date on June 1.

That hearing is when he’ll officially enter his pleas.

“Pawn Stars” airs on the History Channel. Since it began in 2009, it’s become a hugely popular show, completing more than 400 episodes.

The show follows the activities at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Chumlee is one of a handful of cast members who works at the pawn shop.

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