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Pizza Hut Employees Rip Bongs At Work To Ring In The New Year (Video)

Pizza Hut Employees Rip Bongs At Work To Ring In The New Year (Video) - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Pizza Hut Employees Rip Bongs At Work To Ring In The New Year (Video)

It’s got to be the worst way to end the year: working the midnight shift at the neighborhood Pizza Hut.

New Year’s Eve workers miss out on parties with their friends, kissing a cutie at midnight, and essentially ending the year by getting as wasted as desired and counting down from ten with a thousand perfect strangers.

Working on New Year’s Eve is bad enough, but working at Pizza Hut has to be somehow worse. Dealing with the rush of orders to satisfy the drunken cravings of half the city, wasted customers, and navigating insane traffic to deliver a mediocre, lukewarm pie.

No wonder employees at Cypress, California Pizza Hut decided to bring the party to work with them.

They even had the ingenious idea of videotaping themselves taking rips off a huge bong in the kitchen.

The video shows the crew in high spirits, dancing around the stainless-steel-clad kitchen, ripping and spinning at the same time.

The Southern Californian chain-pizza makers posted a video of their alleged antics on the Internet, which was then picked up by LiveLeak and spread across the World Wide Web.

From the looks of it, it’s highly unlikely that the employees were taking huge pulls of tobacco through the glass piece. No doubt they rang in the new year with flying colors.

Despite the viral video making its rounds, there isn’t any word on the pizza chefs’ losing their jobs, but it’s probably safe to say it is only a matter of time before they’ll be taking their talents elsewhere.

Hopefully, they won’t try to use the footage as part of any video resume, except perhaps to show that they’re good at boosting worker morale.

Some commentators are even pointing out that, in terms of workplace negligence, it’s probably not the worst that could happen. Some imagine that stoned employees might even produce a better pizza.

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