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First Pot Sasquatch Sighting In Massachusetts


First Pot Sasquatch Sighting In Massachusetts

The pot sasquatch sighting was during a meteorologist’s live report of a snowstorm. Word must have got out about recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

Big Foot has been eluding us for quite some time. However, word must have got around to him about recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. The latest pot sasquatch sighting was during a meteorologist’s live report of a snowstorm.

How do we know it wasn’t a yeti? He slipped twice during the short broadcast. Snow clearly wasn’t his element. Also, abominable snowmen have white fur. The one caught on video had a coat of marijuana leaves, clearly taking advantage of the state’s recent move to legalize recreational cannabis.

In the video, the marijuana monster walks on-screen, notices it’s on camera, then darts off and slips. Maybe the bigfoot was attempting to remain hidden, or maybe he had too much weed on him. The most weed you can legally carry outdoors in Massachusetts is one ounce. Judging by the amount of green on his coat, he may have had more than that.

The video has gone viral, and viewers have dubbed the creature “Potsquatch.”

The Legend of the Grassquatch

When the pot covered sasquatch stepped on-screen newscasters and viewers alike were confused and amused. A cast of Fox news anchors said they had no idea who the costumed man was. However, if you pay attention to the background of the video you’ll see a store called “Potco,” the one stop shop for all growing needs.

If you google that name, you’ll come across their website which shows Potsquatch is their mascot. In fact, Dave Mech who runs Potco was asked about Potsquatch and replied, “that would be me.”

The owner of the “Costco for marijuana” admitted to wearing the costume and crashing Jennifer Pagliei of WWLP-22 News’ broadcast.

“I actually saw them out there and decided to pay a little visit, say hello,” he said. “I don’t wear it that often because some of the leaves are fragile, but it didn’t break when I fell in the middle of the street, which was good.”

Mech thinks cannabis can help reduce opioid abuse. Potco sells equipment for growing weed and serves products like CBD-edibles to medical marijuana patients.

Weedsquatch Sighting At Pot Farm

First Pot Sasquatch Sighting In Massachusetts

Fun fact: the last significant bigfoot sighting was actually at a $6.5 million pot farm in Texas last year. Texas Games Wardens discovered a secret one-acre pot farm with nearly 6,550 plants reaching 10 feet tall. The authorities discovered the farm after hog hunters reported the growers’ campsite.

“This is the largest discovery of marijuana found in my career as Sheriff,” Delta County Sheriff Ricky Smith told KETR Public Radio. The grow site had farming equipment, generators, fertilizer, and more. It sounds like somebody stopped at Potco.

Instead of immediately revealing their discovery, the police planted trail cameras to try and catch the growers. One camera caught a video of an ape-like creature walking by and covering the camera in leaves, instead. This particular camera was located in the Sequoia National Forest, which is home to no primates.

The person who turned the video in claims to be a law enforcement officer with experience as a Game Warden. From his experience, he says that whatever was in the video was not a bear. Also, the officer that retrieved the camera said it appeared to be ripped off of the tree and buried in leaves by the hairy creature. After taking down the camera, we wonder if sasquatch grabbed as many plants as he could get and made his way to Massachusetts where growing weed is legal.

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