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Showtime Is Getting A New Weed Show From Marvels’ Finest

Showtime Is A Getting A New Weed Show From Marvels' Finest


Showtime Is Getting A New Weed Show From Marvels’ Finest

Showtime Weed Show

The duo behind the Marvel world, including the summer blockbuster hit, Captain America: Civil War, are becoming the new cannabis storytellers. Joe and Anthony Russo are trying to create a picturesque view of the American family in a new Showtime series. Yeah, the family is a bunch of marijuana growers, but the US is changing!

The Russos are teaming up with Showtime, co-executive producer and co-writer Moshe Kasher, and co-writer Zach Creggar to create a half-hour sitcom that exposes the life of a marijuana growing family. The story is unique to the growing legalization of the drug, which is, in fact, ruining the illegal business that has made the family wealthy.

The show will follow a family of drug dealers as they try to tighten their laces and make their money in legal weed.

The Russos are not new to television either, even though recently they’ve been making bank with movies such as Captain America and Zoolander 2. Their first big show hit was back in 2002 with Welcome to Collinwood, but more famously for directing the pilot of the dysfunctional family comedy Arrested Development.

We know what you’re thinking, though, “What about Weeds?”

Well, smarty pants, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t just a Weeds reboot. It’s the exact opposite.

Weeds was attractive because of it’s dangerous and illegal undertones, making Mary Louise Parker even sexier than she already was.

However, this new Showtime pot show is setting out to show you that legal marijuana can make a family better.

As of May 10th, Ohio passed a groundbreaking bill in it’s House of Representatives voting to make medical marijuana legal. This might mean that Ohio could be the 26th state to have legal, yes real legal medical marijuana.

A show like Weeds is too outdated and doesn’t convey legalization progress like Ohio, or even how society feels about marijuana today. The whole concept of this new show is to prove that medical marijuana is a real business and that it can belong to the nuclear family.

The ironic part of this show is that the “odd one out” is a law abiding son, that helps the family’s business become legitimate. The child merely shows that in today’s society drug dealers and dispensaries are the legitimate business and can legally make money.

The show will prove the point that your “local drug dealer” isn’t some high school dropout, but might be an educated and smart person. Maybe even your mom or dad?

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