Watch Travis Scott Smoke Weed Out Of A Chic-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit

Welcome to the world of humans smoking weed out of various foods! In yet another edition of “People smoking through random sh*t”, Green Rush Daily is here to present hip-hop artist Travis Scott smoking a J out of none other than an authentic Chick-fil-A chicken Biscuit.

Folks, prepared to be utterly wowed. More accurately, downright confused.

A Little Background on Travis Scott

If you aren’t sure who the man, the myth, the Chick-Fil-A legend Travis Scott is, well, here you go. (Also, Cheers to living under a rock for the past five years.) His real name is Jacques Webster Jr., and he’s a rapper and music producer hailing out of Houston, Texas. He first tried to make it big in New York, but eventually found his way to Los Angeles to continue to pursue his dreams. It’s still unclear whether or not smoking out of a Chick-Fil-A sandwich was part of those initial dreams.

He was then discovered by T.I. after the Atlanta-born rapper heard one of Scott’s produced tracks”Lights (Love Sick).” Scott subsequently signed a record deal with Epic Records back in 2012, and the rest is history. He’s a notorious cannabis smoker and loves to toke up on stage at his concerts and of course, in most of his music videos. And he’s also quite the fan of Chick-Fil-A’s chicken biscuit, apparently.

Sh*ts About to go DOWN

Most weed smokers will admit that smoking cannabis out of the same thing every day can get pretty freaking boring. Joints, blunts, bongs, even dabs— yeah, it all gets old after a while. That’s why there’s a new viral video of someone seemingly smoking out of a new food every day.

It’s not that we’re sick of getting high, we’re just sick of the MEANS we’re getting high from. Well, high thoughts lead to high actions, and it’s quite doubtful that combining munchie food with the actual act of smoking can be conceived by a sober human.

Then again, who thought smoking out of a chicken biscuit could be conceived by any human?

Anyways, Scott basically just wraps the bottom of an enormous joint with the biscuit, and dubs it the “Fil-A-a KK”. Whatever that means. It appears as if Scott poked a hole in the biscuit beforehand, then just placed the doobie in the middle.

Then, Scott simply just lights the joint up and starts smoking it through the delicious biscuit, much to his friend’s delight. Finally, Scott does the inevitable and eats the rest of the biscuit mid smoke-sesh.

While it’s not clear whether or not there was any ash on the biscuit, either way, it would be a total farce if the rest of that delicious sandwich went uneaten. While this is clearly done for mostly sh*ts and giggles, it honestly would have been even more dope if he somehow finagled a pipe out of the biscuit. But then again, that would make the biscuit inedible.

Thanks, Travis, for cluing the cannabis community in on how to truly get your cake, and eat it too. We are forever grateful. And incredibly hungry.

" Tim Kohut : Tim Kohut is Green Rush Daily Staff Writer hailing from New York. His hobbies include (but are not limited to) eating eggs, owning far too many cats, and watching Rob Schneider films. He’s a self-taught expert in the cannabis industry and hopes to share his vast knowledge with fellow weed-enthusiasts around the world.."