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Meet The World’s Youngest Drug Dealer

Meet The World's Youngest Drug Dealer


Meet The World’s Youngest Drug Dealer

World’s Youngest Drug Dealer?

In Marlin, Texas a 9-year-old boy was caught this week hiding bags of marijuana around his school, becoming the world’s youngest drug dealer. After the boy had shown the bags to other students on the bus ride to school and throughout the early part of the school day, students began reporting it to teachers.

When questioned by administrators, the boy initially denied having brought anything with him to school. He was then allowed to return to class.

A few hours later, however, teachers were alerted to an empty desk in which a student had accidentally discovered a bag full of marijuana.

Administrators again asked the 9-year-old boy if he had brought the bag to school. This time, he admitted that he had.

He eventually told administrators that he’d hidden other bags throughout the school, including in the tank of a toilet.

“I’ve been in this business 20 years and I’ve seen lots of things, like having weed show up on a high school thing isn’t an unheard of thing, but the only shocking or surprising thing here is this student’s age,” said Marlin School Superintendant Michael Seabolt.

The bags of cannabis were all eventually recovered.

In Texas, children under the age of 10 cannot be charged with a criminal offense. However, the boy has been removed from school and placed in an alternative discipline program.

At this point, it’s unclear exactly where the marijuana first came from or what the boy intended to do with it.

“It all looked pre-packaged, looking like it was for sale, so you know there is an adult that is behind this, or behind how he got access to it,” Seabolt said.

Other questions about children, school, and marijuana have been raised recently.

While it is obviously illegal for students to bring marijuana with them to school, there is a growing movement to allow particular types of medical marijuana products to be used by students with health conditions.

Delaware lawmakers, for example, are working on a bill that would make it legal for authorized caregivers to administer CBD oils to school children throughout the school day.

The bill would only allow children with certain health conditions to access the oil.

But such a bill could represent the latest change in the shifting landscape of marijuana law, especially when it comes to the drug’s use in public schools.

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