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8 Most Fascinating Facts About Cannabis

8 Most Fascinating Facts About Cannabis


8 Most Fascinating Facts About Cannabis

Fascinating Facts to Shut Down Prohibitionists

Research on cannabis is limited because it has been federally illegal for nearly a century. Despite this, new fascinating facts seem to surface every year. The facts about cannabis are slowly shutting down the arguments of prohibitionists. Here are some of the fascinating facts about cannabis.

Smoking Weed Can Improve Lung Function

8 Most Fascinating Facts About Cannabis

One study looked at adults who smoked weed for 20 years to see if using marijuana for 20 years would obstruct the lungs. They didn’t find any sign of adverse changes in lung health.

Another study by Dr. Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles observed heavy long-term cannabis smoking. What they found was that even the heaviest users didn’t see a decrease in lung function or any connection to cancer.

The study followed people who smoked at least a joint a day for 50 whole years and found no harmful effect on lung function. Results like these justify the criticism of “no smoke, no grow” policies in medical marijuana states like New York.


Ab Hanna

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