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Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed

Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed | Green Rush Daily


Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed

Cannabis culture is renowned for its lore: stories of legendary joints the size of human limbs, 30-foot bong rips, and skull-warping hot-boxing sessions.

All these and more can be found on cannabis discussion forums and blogs across the internet.

Given the apocryphal and underground nature of cannabis culture, most of these tales are hard to verify, even if they spark the imagination.

But with more people who use cannabis coming out of the (smoke-filled) closet, the more whimsical parts of the cannabis lifestyle are coming to light.

Here’s a list of four recent record-breaking marijuana stories. And just because you won’t find most of these in the Guinness Book of World Records, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed | Green Rush Daily

Most Joints Smoked by a Human Being Ever

Let’s start with one record that actually is listed Guinness: the world record for most pot consumed.

This award goes to Irvin Rosenfeld, who toked more than 115,000 joints as of 2014, more than anyone else on record. At least that we know of.

The best part of Rosenfeld’s story is who supplied him with all that grass: the federal government.

He’s part of an old program that gives poorly grown medical marijuana to a small group of patients around the country.

If anything, Rosenfeld is living proof of the safety and efficacy of cannabis. Despite all his smoking, he hasn’t come close to the amount needed to cause serious health problems.


Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed | Green Rush Daily

Largest Joint by Weight

Looking more like an albino boa constrictor than a joint, one massive J confiscated by Santa Cruz police last year may be the world-record holder.

At a 4/20 rally in Santa Cruz, Cal. a colossal joint was rolled out of just over two pounds of bud.

The tragedy is that not a single rally-goer got to take a puff, because cops seized the joint before it could be sparked. A joint that big, they said, clearly broke the law.

Medical weed is legal in California, but only in relatively small amounts. And federal law bans all weed; possession of two pounds would be a felony.


Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed | Green Rush Daily

Hidden: This desert plantation looks innocent enough but underneath the black tarpaulin was the largest marijuana farm in history.

Biggest Outdoor Cannabis Farm

This record goes to Mexico cannabis farmers, who managed to keep a 300-acre weed farm in a remote desert hidden from law enforcement for the better part of a decade.

The grow boasted tens of thousands of plants, some towering more than eight feet tall.

How’d they get away with it? Cultivators put up a gigantic black rectangular net shield the plants from aerial surveillance.

Police said the grow site would have produced about 120 tons of marijuana at the next harvest, a crop valued at about $160 million. While definitely not the biggest number in the history of pot busts, the field easily ranks as one of the biggest ever found, if not the biggest.


Four Record Breaking Stories in the World of Weed | Green Rush Daily

Biggest Pot Bust in the United States

Back in California in 2009, Cops in Fresno County netted more than 330,000 marijuana plants.

That kind of crop is worth about $1 billion, making the pot bust the biggest ever.

“Operation Save Our Sierra” resulted in more than a week and a half of searches and the arrests of 82 people linked to Mexican drug cartels.

“Fresno County is roughly the size of Connecticut, and the drug traffickers target these areas because they know there is not that significant of a law-enforcement presence,” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said at the time. “The chances of getting caught are slim.”

Adam Drury

Adam is a staff writer for Green Rush Daily who hails from Corvallis, Oregon. He’s an artist, musician, and higher educator with deep roots in the cannabis community. His degrees in literature and psychology drive his interest in the therapeutic use of cannabis for mind and body wellness.

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