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The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away


The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

The Concept

If you’re a pot smoker you know how important it is to find a discreet and effective way to take some herb with you on the go. And while people have come up with all sorts of ideas, the folks at Pufftec may have just topped them all. They invented the Fumo Wallet, a stylish wallet that lets you carry your credit cards, cash, iPhone, rolling papers, and cannabis all at the same time.

Meet The Fumo Wallet

The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

The Fumo Wallet is a handy and sleek new wallet handcrafted out of beautiful Italian leather. And while its classic styling is definitely important, the best thing about the Fumo is that it was designed to be the ultimate solution for pot smokers looking to take some cannabis with them when they leave the house.

The Fumo is sleek and small enough to be carried around like any other wallet. But it somehow manages to carry a surprising number of important items. Here are all the features of the Fumo wallet:

Features of the Fumo wallet:

The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

  • A leather case designed specifically for the iPhone 6. This case gives you a convenient and safe way to carry your phone. And since it’s combined with your wallet, it’ll make it that much easier to be sure you don’t forget your most important belongings.
  • The wallet portion of the Fumo lets you hold your driver’s license, ID cards, credit cards, and cash in one easy to carry item.
  • A slim wooden container for holding cannabis. The box is inspired by a traditional Japanese device for storing dried herbs and plants while also keeping them fresh. It’s small enough to be discreet, yet big enough to carry enough dried herb to roll a joint or pack a quick bowl.
  • And finally, the Fumo includes a leather rolling station. This feature has also been inspired by Japanese smoking traditions. It includes a rolling paper dispenser that can hold a variety of rolling paper sizes. It can also be used to gather all your ground up herb and then pour it into the rolling paper without spilling any of it.

Elevate Your Cannabis Game

The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

The bottom line is that this thing will definitely take your cannabis game to an all new level. While there are any number of ways to take your ganja with you on the go, very few of them are as stylish, sleek, and classy as the Fumo wallet.

Functional and beautiful, this is definitely a smoking accessory designed to help cannabis culture continue its move into the mainstream.

The Fumo Wallet Will Absolutely Blow You Away

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