Best Ways to Combine Wax and Weed

What are the best ways to combine wax and weed?

If you don’t have a dab rig you can combine wax and weed using common smoking methods. Even if you do have a rig, smoking your wax with your weed is a nice way to switch things up. You’ll get way more blazed than from just doing a dab alone. Here are the 4 best ways to combine wax and weed.

Combine Wax and Weed With Twax

One way to combine wax and weed is by rolling a twax blunt or joint. Twaxing is simply adding cannabis concentrates to the outside or inside of your rolled joint. Where you put it depends on the consistency of the extract. Dabs like crumble will fall right off the outside of the blunt so you’re better off tossing it in with the ground up flowers before you seal the deal.

“Snap and pull” is the perfect consistency of concentrate for a fancy swirl of honey on the outside of the paper. You can also use “sap” consistency or warm up some shatter until it’s malleable. Try to roll the dab into a long snake and wrap a thin layer around the tip of the jay going down. You don’t want too much in one place or the oil will drip while you’re smoking.

If you see a droplet forming rotate the joint or blunt at an angle. You don’t want any of that precious oil falling out onto a surface where you can no longer smoke it. So inside or out, wax + weed + paper = twax joint/blunt. If you plan on rolling a twax joint we recommend checking out our guide.

Combine Wax and Weed With Moon Rocks

Marijuana moon rocks is one of the strongest forms of marijuana anywhere in the world. They combine weed, wax, and kief. According to one study on the average THC content of weed, it was 12% in 2014. Moon rocks should be 3 to 4 times as potent because of the kief and concentrate content.

Marijuana Moon rocks are also referred to as cannabis caviar, for a good reason. Dispensaries in Colorado have been known to sell different variations on moon rocks for as much as $1,400 an ounce.

To make it you just need some full cannabis nugs, the fresher the better. You’ll also need wax. Any consistency that you consider sticky will work best. Completely coat the outside layer of the nug in wax. Then, simply roll the soaked nug in kief and you’re looking at a moon rock!

Combine Wax and Weed On a Bowl

Of all the best ways to combine wax and weed this one is the easiest. You can use any kind of concentrate of this just drop it on the top of your bowl. That can be the bowl of your pipe or bong. Once you light it, the wax should melt and combust along with the weed. Think of dabs as the cherry on top of your bowl.

Combine Wax and Weed In A Vaporizer

A vaporizer that works with both flowers and concentrates in the same chamber is one of the best ways to combine wax and weed. With a vaporizer, nothing gets burned away and wasted. We recommend the Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. Just fill half the chamber with dry herbs. Then, put some wax on that. Finally, sandwich it in with more dry herbs until the chamber is full.

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