What is Butane Hash Oil (BHO)?

BHO stands for marijuana butane hash oil: the most common cannabis concentrate extraction method. Also referred to as wax, crumble, shatter or live resin.

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BHO stands for butane hash oil: the most common cannabis concentrate extraction method. To make it, pack a bunch of kiefy nugs into a glass tube. Then, fill the tube with liquid butane. Mixed into that concoction: concentrated THC. The end product? A waxy amber to gold-colored substance. This may seem simple but butane is a highly flammable gas. In fact, several kitchens and amateur labs have exploded during a failed BHO extraction. So, leave BHO to the professionals with chemistry degrees and lab equipment. There’s a reason extraction technicians make six figures. Many labs hiring extraction technicians only hire chemists with PhDs.

Dangers of Butane Hash Oil (BHO)


There is a potential for danger to the consumer and technician when it comes to BHO. The danger to the technician is accidental combustion and immediate physical harm. On the other hand, consumers only risk damage to the throat and lungs. Fortunately, a bit of knowledge on the subject can prevent this.

Butane is only dangerous in large amounts. So, as long as most of it was purged during the extraction process your worst case scenario is some throat and lung irritation. Product with a distribution of bubbles throughout could be a sign of leftover butane. Furthermore, darker product without the bubbles could be a sign of leftover contaminants and plant matter. For more information, check out our guide on how to tell good BHO from bad BHO.

Different Consistencies Of BHO

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Oil: Oil is the messiest of BHO consistencies. As a result, a tool must be used when handling oils. Loose oils are decreasing in popularity because they’re difficult to store and handle. Instead, hash oil is being packed into syringes and cartridges for user convenience.

Wax: Wax’s name fits the description. It’s a waxy substance, usually yellow in color. Apparently additional whipping of the product during the extraction process results in a waxy crumble finish. As it cools, it becomes solid and easy to handle with a tool.

Shatter: Shatter is a glass-like form of BHO. To see if you’re dealing with shatter try the shatter-test. Place the product in parchment paper. Then, slam your fist down on it. If you open it up and it’s broken to bits, you’ve got yourself some shatter. Some oils are pulled and snap consistency which is just a softer shatter.

Live Resin: Live resin is just BHO that was made with freshly frozen cannabis. This preserves original terpenes which provide users with additional medicinal benefits. Finally, the consistency varies but it’s usually waxy.

How Do You Smoke BHO?

Technically oils are vaporized not smoked. So, you’ll need either a vaporizer or a dab rig and a torch. A Dab rig is a water pipe or bong that usually comes with a male end joint and a dome. However, any water pipe can be used as a dab rig; you just need a nail that will fit on it.

Once you’ve got a rig, nail, and torch. Heat the nail until it’s red and let it cool if you have any concern for your throat and lungs. If you like your hits extra smooth, you can let it cool for longer then put a carb cap on the nail to trap the remaining heat. Find out more details on how to use a dab rig.

Final Hit: What is Marijuana Butane Hash Oil (BHO)?

BHO is safe if you know what you’re doing/looking for. For a quality dabbing experience, make sure your product is completely purged and free of plant matter.

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