Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Valentine’s Day

From the cute and cuddly to the kinky, these cannabis-infused gifts make Valentine's day the perfect occasion to celebrate your love with a powerful and natural aphrodisiac.

Valentine’s Day is rolling around again, and so is the pressure of coming up with the perfect gift idea for the love(s) of your life. The standard offerings are standbys, of course—a romantic dinner, fancy chocolates, a dozen roses, a nice watch. But if you’re looking for something truly special, considering putting your own twist on some holiday classics. These cannabis-infused gifts for Valentine’s Day will make you the cannabis Cupid you always knew you could be.

Try Taking Your Romance to New Highs with  Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Valentine’s Day

You probably already know that weed and sex have had a long, loving and fulfilling relationship with each other. Yes, humans have been using cannabis as an aphrodisiac for millennia. Yes, studies have shown all the different ways cannabis can heighten sensation, increase sex drive, help you and your partner (or partners) feel more intimate and comfortable and even give you better orgasms.

But Valentine’s Day horniness aside, cannabis can improve your romantic relationships in more ways than just making sex more amazing. The stress-relieving, anxiety-reducing effects of cannabis can help people do the most important thing in any real relationship: being themselves. Couples and polycules who experience cannabis together can connect better and get closer. So whether your February 14th is going to be about trying new things between the sheets or just trying to get to know a new special someone in your life, these cannabis-infused gifts for Valentine’s Day won’t let you down.

1. Cannabis-Infused Chocolates


Sweets for your sweetie. Nothing can guarantee instant happiness quite like a box of chocolates. So image how sweet on you they’ll be when you show up holding a heart-shaped box of cannabis-infused chocolates?

Now, weed chocolates are a dime a dozen, so you’ll want to get something elegant, with attractive packaging. Défoncé Chocolates for Californians and OOPSIATEMYCBD for anywhere else are great examples. Each bar of Défoncé has 90 mg of THC, but you can break it up into bite-sized morsels for safe dosing. OOPSIATEMYCBD bars come in various gourmet flavors with 200mg of hemp-derived CBD that can also be broken up into smaller servings. Perfect for keeping you balanced on your date.

2. A Bouquet of Cannabis Flowers

Photo Courtesy of Lowell Herb

Forget a dozen roses. Nothing says “I love you” more than an ounce of cannabis. But we’re not talking a bag of buds. Lowell Herb Co., in California, curates elegant, handcrafted organic cannabis flower bouquets. The perfectly cured flower buds are still on their stalks, twisted up with flowering herbs and wildflowers, ready to smoke or vape. It will be the most beautiful bouquet of flowers your love will have ever seen.

3. Cannabis-Infused Massage Oil

Thomas Wanhoff/Flickr

Since you’ve made quite the impression with the chocolates and the flowers, things might be starting to heat up. For when things get more intimate, THC or CBD massage oils make excellent cannabis-infused gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis oil massages feel ridiculously good. So why not stay in, and work those muscles together? Massage therapists aren’t licensed to sell THC oils, but you can purchase your own. Cannabis-infused massage oils don’t just contain therapeutic cannabinoids, either. They have all kinds of other good stuff to heal, moisturize and relax.

4. Spice Up Your Intimate Oil Lineup

Photo Courtesy of Quim Rock

There’s no shortage of concoctions out there claiming to arouse and stimulate your most sexually sensitive parts. But the science of cannabis is taking the game to an entirely different level. Cannabinoids’ ability to increase sensation, relaxation and circulation mean cannabis-infused lubes can create mind-blowing physical sensations.

QUIM’s lineup of THC-infused intimate oils is specifically designed to intensify sensation and increase libido. Founded by two women, QUIM’s mission is to offer a self-care line of oils for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas. Their products don’t just increase erotic pleasure. They also serve as proactive vaginal health supplements. As with all the cannabis-infused gifts for Valentine’s Day on this list, QUIM intimate oil is ideal for amplifying sexual pleasure whether you’re using it with another person or multiple people—or even all by yourself.

5. Get Kinky with Cannabis-Infused Inserts

Photo Courtesy of Foria

For the erotically adventurous—no kink-shaming here!—a few cannabis companies offer some wild gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Foria, a trailblazer in cannabis products for sex, offers weed-infused inserts, i.e. anal suppositories, designed specifically to enhance anal intercourse.

Foria knows penetration can take its toll on the delicate tissues back there. It also knows that when it comes to anal, the heart may be willing but the body may not. CBD and THC work together in Foria’s anal suppository to relax the muscles without numbing sensation. So if discomfort has been holding you and your partner back from experimenting with new sensations, Foria might have just the thing.

6. Cannagar


Treat your significant other to the ultimate smoking experience. You can’t go wrong gifting someone that loves weed a proper Cannagar. Lobo has been changing the pre-roll and cannagar game since the company’s inception. From pre-rolls infused with live resin sauce, to blunts to full-flower cannagars, everything is filled with premium quality cannabis.

7. Cannabis-Infused Bath Salts

Photo Courtesy of Budsuds

When its time to relax and unwind with your romantic partners, nothing quite compares to taking a bubble bath together. Bath soaks are a great way to get in touch with your bodies and everything you love about them. That’s what makes HoneyBeeBuzzed Bath Soak such a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Each pouch contains a decadent blend of salts, honey and essential oils like almond and lavender. There’s also 10mg of THC and 28 mg of CBD in the bath soak to interact with the mineral bath, creating a soothing soak that will make the world melt away.

8. Weed, the Perfect Gift


As a final option, you could always just get your valentine some weed. Experiencing cannabis together can enhance the romantic excitement of just about anything you do with anyone you’re into. And of course, there are certain strains that might bring out the cupid in you more than others. Some research points to the terpenes linalool and farnesene as natural arousal and excitement enhancers. The Arouse vape pen from dosist comes pre-filled with a 10:1 THC to CBD oil rich in those terpenes. And the controlled dosing mechanism means you won’t get too carried away.

Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Valentine’s Day for the Weed Lover in Your Life

From the cute and cuddly to the kinky, these gifts make Valentine’s day the perfect occasion to celebrate your love with a powerful and natural aphrodisiac: cannabis.

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