Dab: What Is A Dab And Where Does It Come From

Dabbing is more than the latest dance craze. To a stoner, dabs are a way to get higher. Nowadays, the term dab refers to both the action and the product.

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Dabbing is more than the latest dance craze. To a stoner, dabs are a way to get higher. Nowadays, the term dab refers to both the action and the product.

Your first dab should feel like you smoked a whole blunt in a few seconds. A good analogy for the difference between weed and dabs is beer and liquor.

They both do the same thing, one just does it quicker. Long story short, dabs are just another name for concentrates. Moreover, extracting THC from weed in its flower form will give you concentrates.

Why is it Called a Dab?

The name dab comes from one of the words definitions: a small amount of something. You may be wondering how this is relevant. Well, it only takes a tiny amount of marijuana concentrate to get you high AF.

Depending on the strength of your dabs, a tenth of a gram could launch you to heights you’ve never seen. On the other hand, a tenth of a gram of regular flower marijuana is hardly enough to get you high.

Dab Synonyms

Dab names can also differ based on their consistency

  • Oil – Liquidy
  • Wax – In between a solid and a liquid or waxy.
  • Shatter – Solid, like glass.

These names hint at the way they were made

How Can I Start Dabbing?

There are two main ways to dab: a rig or a vaporizer. A dab rig will make the most of your dabs. However, vape pens can come in clutch. Furthermore, a vaporizer pen makes dabbing on the go child’s play. Just drop a dab on the pens “atomizer” and heat it up while inhaling and walking. Check out our guide for the latest and greatest vape pens.

What Is A Dab Rig?

A rig is a bit more complex but far more rewarding. A dab rig is a water pipe or bong that usually comes with a male end joint and a dome. If you can’t find a dab rig, any water pipe can be used as a dab rig; you just need a nail that will fit on it.

Ideally, you want to avoid having your nail at an angle. It needs to be flat for the oil to spread and evenly heat. If you already have a beaker that you want to put to use, purchase a “drop down” that will hold your nail up straight.

Some bongs come with several percolators that filter smoke and cool hits. This is less necessary when it comes to dabbing because they’re fewer byproduct and tar created than there is with the combustion of dry herbs.

Just find a percolator that will cool your hits like a recycler. Dabs can be hot, but they can also be lower temperature depending on your preference.

Final Hit

A dab is a small but strong amount of concentrated THC. The strain, consistency, and method of extraction all go into the name/description of your dabs. If you feel like you’re not getting as high from weed as you used to, try dabs, not meth. For more information on the act of dabbing check out our Dabbing For Dummies guide.

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