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Dankrupt? Here’s A Few Ways to Recycle Your Weed

Dankrupt? Here's A Few Ways to Recycle Your Weed


Dankrupt? Here’s A Few Ways to Recycle Your Weed

No matter what you’re inhalation method is, you should have some leftover byproduct that you can reuse to get medicated during times when dankrupt.


Filing for Dankrupt-cy

Need weed? Sick of staring at your empty stash? There are ways to stall while waiting for the budman or your funds back. Dankrupt-cy is a problem all smokers have come across at one point or another. The solution is in recycling and making the best out of the weed you’ve already used. If you’re smoking, you should save your stems. If you’re vaping, you should keep your already vaped bud. Dabbers best not clean your rigs til you’re ready to reuse that reclaim!

No matter what you’re inhalation method is, you should have some leftover byproduct that you can reuse to get medicated during times of drought.


If you’re a smoker, you probably see your fair share of stems. Tear the nugs off of them and save the stems in a jar or bag somewhere for later.

After you’ve accumulated enough stems and your main stash is dry, you can utilize these stems in several ways. One of the most popular uses of stems is making some Tea-HC. This just requires some hot water, butter and about a 1/4 cup of stems.

Smokers may also have a kief deposit at the bottom of their grinder. What better time to utilize your kief then when you’re dankrupt? It’s like busting out the frequent flyer miles.

The best way to use kief is through a vaporizer, so you get all the THC without burning any away. If you don’t have a vaporizer, kief will still get you ripped in a bowl, it’ll just go a longer way in the vaporizer.


If you vaporize you’re familiar with the brown to black remains after a vape sesh. If you can aim to empty your vape whenever the herbs get yellowish-brown, the already vaped bud (AVB) can be reused to make edibles.

It is much quicker to collect AVB than kief so after a weeks worth of vaping you’ll probably have enough AVB to reuse. Once you’re out of weed, find your AVB stash and use it in place of marijuana in marijuana-related recipes.

Just use about 3-4x more AVB than you would with fully potent marijuana. AVB has already gone through decarboxylation during vaporization, so it’s ready to use without cooking. It can be mixed with peanut butter for a sandwich or added to yogurt.

We recommend something that will mask the taste. The fact that it’s already decarbed makes AVB perfect for people who don’t have a kitchen to stink up.


Getting reclaim out of your oil rig is a good way to get by when you’re out of supply. If your water pipe has a drop down the stem, capturing reclaim should be easy. You can only add slight heat to the glass and drip all the oil out onto silicone or parchment paper. DO NOT apply excessive heat to glass because you will risk shattering it and taking the walk of shame back to your smoke shop.

For harder to reach reclaim, alcohol will need to be used. We recommend using ever clear to fill your rig.

Plug the mouthpiece and joint sides with paper towels.

Shake the alcohol around until the reclaim breaks all the way down. You can run hot water on the outside of the glass to loosen reclaim before or even after adding alcohol. Once the reclaim has become one with the alcohol, pour it out into a pyrex dish.

Use a hot plate to heat the dish at the lowest temperature until the alcohol has full evaporated. Do not use an open flame to heat the dish because alcohol is extremely flammable. Once the liquid has fully been evaporated, allow the reclaim to air dry for one day.

Place something from the freezer under the pyrex dish and use a razor blade to scrape up your reclaim. You can now use it to make homemade edibles or even topicals.

The Final Hit

Don’t forget that every time you smoke, you’re accumulating frequent smoker points in one way or another. Cash out when you’re dankrupt so you can get high til you replenish your stash.

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