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5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

Hacks To Save Dried Out Weed


5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

2. A Slice of Bread

For this technique, place a slice of white bread in a bag with your dried out herb. Let it sit overnight then remove the bread.

By then, the marijuana will have absorbed the moisture it needs. Don’t leave the bread with the weed any longer than overnight because you don’t want it to get moldy. That should be all the time your weed needs to rehydrate.

3. Damp Paper Towel

Place your dried out herb in a glass jar, and lay the jar on its side. Now put a small piece of wet paper towel in the top of the jar, but be careful it’s not actually touching any of the bud. Put the lid on the jar and let it sit for a few hours.

As the paper towel dries, the moisture will transfer to the pot. That extra moisture will bring your marijuana right back to life.

4. Lettuce

This one’s very similar to using fruit peels or a slice of bread. For this technique, put your dried out weed in a bag with a slice of lettuce. Let it sit for 3-4 hours then remove the lettuce.

By then, the herb should have soaked up just the right amount of moisture.

This can be a particularly effective technique since the lettuce doesn’t transfer as much residual taste or odor to the herb the way fruit peels can.

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