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5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

Hacks To Save Dried Out Weed


5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

5. Steam and a T-Shirt

This technique is the most involved one, but if done properly, can produce some impressive results. Here’s what you do:

Fill the bottom of a sauce pot with water and put it on a hot stove until it starts steaming. Turn the heat down and keep the water simmering so that it creates a steady flow of steam.

In the meantime, get an old T-shirt that you don’t really care about anymore. Place it on a flat surface. Put your dried out bud in the center of the shirt.

Now take the lid to the sauce pot and place it over the weed. Pull the sides of the shirt up over the top of the lid and tie it all together using a rubber band, twine, or a shoelace. You’re basically trying to make a little pouch of marijuana that’s suspended beneath the underside of the lid.

Once you’ve got everything put together, place the lid-weed pouch onto the steaming sauce pot. The steam will dampen the shirt just enough to rehydrate the herb. Check it regularly to be sure you’re not saturating or soaking the marijuana.

Hack to save dried out weed video:


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