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10 Hacks To Lower Your Weed Tolerance


10 Hacks To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

A high weed tolerance can leave you feeling unsatisfied. Fortunately, here’s a few weed hacks that can help you get your tolerance back to normal.

A high weed tolerance can cost you big bucks or leave you feeling unsatisfied after depleting your stash. Fortunately, there are a few hacks that can help you get your tolerance back to normal.

The best way is to take a break. Don’t panic, that’s not the only option. In fact, there are several ways to fix your tolerance without quitting altogether.

If you want a high more on par with your first time smoking, or if your tolerance is burning a hole in your wallet, try some of these following tips.

10. Roll Smaller Papers

10 Hacks To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

How it works: Reduce the amount of weed you’re using when rolling up.

This is one of the simplest ways to give your tolerance a break without completely breaking your habit. This is a good starting step to a tolerance break for an all day stoner.

If you smoke blunts every day the habit may be a little hard to break. By rolling smaller blunts you’ll still get what you feel you need while slowly decreasing your tolerance.

To start, you can put 20 percent less weed in each of your papers. If you can cut the amount of weed you use down, you’ll be getting higher in no time.

Switch from king size to smaller papers like 1 and a half or even smaller. King sizes are made to share.

Smoking king sized joints to yourself is a quick way to build up your tolerance. There are better options for solo sessions.

Papers that are 1 and a quarter in size should be enough for an individual serving. If you can manage to clip that and split it into two sessions, you’ll do yourself a huge favor.

Keep it up for a while, and the next time you decide to treat yourself to a fatty, you’ll be blasted off to the moon.


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