How To Roll a Blunt

A blunt is a hollowed out cigar, stuffed with marijuana. People usually smoke blunts because they burn slower than joint papers. Here's how to roll a blunt.

Mary Millus/Green Rush Daily

How To Roll A Blunt

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a hollowed out cigar that is stuffed with marijuana. People usually smoke blunts because they burn slower than something rolled with  joint papers. Blunts are ideal for group smoke sessions. If you’re smoking a joint with four people, depending on the size, you might only get two to three hits. You should know how to roll a blunt after you finish reading this.

Blunts burn for at least twice as long. Some people smoke blunts for the buzz they get from the tobacco in cigar wraps. Blunts can be made with cigars or cigarillos. The former is complex but a more rewarding experience. Cigarillos are miniature cigars and as a result, they are the quicker and easier method of rolling blunts. Cigarillo blunts burn quicker and hold less marijuana than cigar wrapped blunts.

How to Roll a Blunt with a Cigarillo


If you’re using a cigarillo with tobacco guts and it’s dry, huff on it or lightly lick it until it becomes soft. If it’s too dry and you try to split it you’ll risk breaking the whole thing in two.  Once it’s soft enough you cut it down the middle and empty the tobacco contents. Some cigarillos come wrapped in a tube with no tobacco guts. Once you’ve got just the cigar paper and some weed you’re ready to roll.

1. Grind up weed by hand, with scissors and a shot glass, or with a grinder.

2. Spread the ground up weed evenly throughout the cigarillo paper.

3. Once the weed has been evenly spread, use your thumbs to push down and tuck all the weed under the paper into a cylinder. Gently press down and roll upwards then back down repeatedly until the marijuana retains a cylindrical shape.

4. Press the paper down with both thumbs starting at the middle then work one thumb to one end of the paper.

5. Start tucking the paper tightly around the marijuana at the end of the paper with your index finger and thumb.

6. Work your way to the other side tucking and tightly rolling the whole way through. Once you’ve reached the other end of the paper, you can rip off any excess and then run your tongue on the underside of the papers flap to create an adhesive.

7. Press down with your upper lips as you work your way from one side of the blunt to the other, sealing it shut. You can run a lighter across the blunt quickly to dry up any remaining saliva then your cigarillo blunt is ready to smoke!

How to Roll a Blunt with a Cigar


Cigars usually have more natural and veiny tobacco leaves wrapped around them. This makes rolling a blunt with a cigar more challenging. You can just cut a cigar down the middle and treat it exactly as you would a cigarillo, but then you may as well use a cigarillo. The traditional way to roll with a cigar like a Dutchmaster or Game is to lick the entire thing until the leaf has softened. Then, remove the leaf from the cigar paper before cutting it down the middle and removing the tobacco guts. Then follow the same steps 1 through 7.

The final step in rolling a blunt with a cigar is to rewrap the cigar with the leaf. You’ll need to lick the leaf so that it becomes soft and sticky again. Place the leaf flat down and roll the blunt around it like a stuffed grape leaf. Run a lighter across the blunt to dry any excess saliva and then spark it. This will give you a slower and more refined smoke.

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