Low Temperature Dabs Vs. High Temperature Dabs

Low temperature dabs vs. high temperatures dabs? You decide which one wins this classic cannabis showdown.

You may be wondering why some people prefer low temperature dabs vs. high temperature dabs. Each one comes with a different set of pros and cons. We’ll go over the differences and see who wins when it comes to low temperature dabs vs. high temperature dabs.

High Temperature Dabs

So what are high temperature dabs all about? It’s basically when you drop your cannabis concentrate on the nail shortly after heating it. Your bong should go from completely white to completely clear in a very short time with no need for a carb cap. The feeling people get from a high temperature dab is more of a head rush.

The Good

High temperature dabs are great for people who don’t want to wait on their dabs. There is also less of a learning curve. Low temperature dabs require precise timing whereas a high temperature can just be dropped as soon as the nail stops glowing red. Some people desire the head rush that a high temperature dab gives them over anything a low temperature dab could do.

The Bad

The bad part about high temperature dabs is that you’ll lose pretty much all of the flavor. If you’re using top shelf extracts, you probably want to taste the terpenes instead of burning them away instantly. When you do a true high temperature dab, it gets hot enough to waste a good amount of your THC as well. The harshness of a high temperature dab is not for everyone.  You’ll feel a shock to the back of your throat and lungs. First-time dabbers may even find themselves vomiting.

Low Temperature Dabs

If you love the aromas and flavors of your concentrates, you should be doing low temperature dabs. The goal with this technique is to heat your nail and drop the concentrate in when the temperature is low enough for it to not instantly burn off. Your dab should puddle up rather than instantly vaporize. When you drop the carb cap, your bong should milk up. If there’s a little puddle left at the end you can reheat it to make sure nothing goes to waste.

The Good

At a lower temperature, you get all the flavor and as much of the THC as possible. Another benefit is the fact that you won’t be scorching your throat. Low temp dabs are much more comfortable, and the high seems to last longer.

The Bad

You’ll need a carb cap to get the right temperatures, and there is a learning curve before you get everything just right. You have to figure out the right amount of time to heat up the nail. Similarly, you also have to figure out how long to let it cool down. The exact time for that will vary based on the size of your torch and style of nail you use.

Final Hit: Low Temperature Dabs vs. High Temperature Dabs

So, what would you prefer based on what you’ve learned? Low temperature dabs waste the least and highlight the flavor of your concentrate. However, if you’re in a rush, in need of a head rush, or you don’t have the most flavorful extracts you should go drop it when it’s hot.

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