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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Burgers

How To Make Cannabis-Infused Burgers


How To Make Cannabis-Infused Burgers

Hosting a barbecue and need to know how to make cannabis-infused burgers? We got your back. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Ever wonder how to make cannabis-infused burgers? Well, wonder no more! Just in time for your Labor Day barbecue, we’re coming at you with this recipe for bangin’ canna-burgers. Amaze your friends and family with your mad culinary skills while getting them nicely buzzed. Luckily, burgers are fairly easy to make. Even better, infusing burgers with weed doesn’t really make the task any harder. And for those of you who don’t eat meat, you’re in luck! We’ve included instructions on how to make this recipe suitable for vegans.


  • .5– 1 gram of finely ground cannabis (whatever strain you want)
  • 1 pound of ground beef or a pound of your favorite, homemade vegan burger blend
  • 1 egg or vegan egg replacer.
  • Seasonings of your choice (like salt, pepper, and paprika)
  • Hamburger buns
  • Condiments of your choice (like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise)


1. Wash your hands

Seriously. Go wash your hands. Another mini-step is to carefully assess the level of THC you want to use in your canna-burgers. Grab a calculator and read over our handy guide for that.

2. Decarboxylate

Decarboxylation refers to the process of activating the THC in cannabis. Basically, your edibles won’t get you high if you don’t take the time to decarboxylate your bud before cooking.

In order to Decarboxylate your weed, heat your oven to no higher than 240°F.

Break your weed into small pieces on a baking sheet, slide it in, and bake for 110 minutes. Yes, it seems like a long time, but it’s absolutely necessary for most cannabis-infused foods. Alternatively, you can use a tool that will decarboxylate your weed for you.

4. Grind the bud

Make sure you grind your decarbed weed into a fine powder. You can use a coffee grinder for this. Set it aside and move on to the next step: how to make cannabis-infused burgers.

5. Mix the meat, egg, and spices

In a bowl, mix together the ground beef, egg (or the vegan substitutes), and spices.

When it’s all mixed together, sprinkle in the bud, mixing it in as evenly as possible. You don’t want to simultaneously short one person while getting another blasted, right?

6. Form it up

Hand-form the burger patties and put them in the fridge until you’re ready to cook them.

Wear plastic gloves if touching raw meat skeeves you out. Wash your hands again. Especially if you were touching raw meat.

7. Fire up the grill!

When your guests arrive, it’s time to cook your canna-burgers! Cook each side for about five or six minutes. Cook it longer if you want your burger well-done. For the vegan burgers, make sure to cook it all the way through.

For added fun, top them with our cannabis-infused guacamole recipe.

One last tip: Remember that weed takes longer to get absorbed into your body when it’s eaten than it does when you use any other method of consumption. Even if the edibles don’t affect you immediately, refrain from reaching for the bong immediately. Wait it out. The loud will hit you eventually. Trust us.

Final Hit: How To Make Cannabis-Infused Burgers

How To Make Cannabis-Infused Burgers

So to review: decarboxylate the weed; mix it with the raw meat, egg, and spices; grill it. And voilà! You now know how to make cannabis-infused burgers. Use this recipe whenever you host an adults-only event. As in, don’t give these burgers to kids. Or dogs. On a similar note, make sure everyone receiving a cannabis-infused burger actually wants one and knows exactly what they’re getting. Don’t be that host who doses their guests without their consent.

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